Amazing Race 4 6/5/03

OK, I’m satisfied with the outcome. First to Worst! Yea!
I think the Fast Forward is going to jump up and bite the Air Traffic Controllers on the bottom. They’re really not in physical shape to continue. Being first to leave doesn’t mean you stay in the race as tonight’s episode reveals.
Venice sure looked cold and rainy. It’s a wonderful city and we got to see a lot of it tonight. Makes me want to go back!
I was surprised that some contestants had such a lot of trouble identifying the masks. Bet they flunked those standardized tests that make you pick out the matching item from a string of similar but not identical items, too.
God! I love this show!

I disagree. They are physically the worst in shape team, and with the tweaked knee , it’s probably their best strategy to get the rest while they can. All in All, I don’t think they’ll win, but they gave themselves a chance to stick around longer, and leaving first, means they hopefully won’t end up last, even if they can hold first.

The dude keeping his hands on the train station door just looked juvenile and made enemies.

And I wonder if the producers even considered the first group to go to the other train station, or if the bus was just random, and since they took it to the other place, it was voiced over as a option in editing.

The blondes are both going to have breakdown/blow up soon and when they do, they’re done for. I still don’t have a favorite, but the father and son seem level-headed as does the one pair of guys.

I was kind of annoyed by that episode. There were too many everybody-cathes-up points, like at the train staition and the Road Trip. It sort of defeats the point of getting ahead in the first place.

I like the 3 teams that finished first last episode and was hoping for a repeat performance! And once again, the whingy gay couple showed just show annoying they are. Ugggh.

This show has a hard time picking gay couples that don’t embarass the entire gay community.

This year’s couple once again portrays gay men as anti-social tricksters who can’t fit in. Just like year one…

I don’t think the gay guys did anything wrong. The other guy had his backpack as his placeholder in line and there wasn’t a firt-come-first-served policy. I loved it when he challenged with how the Air Traffic guys didn’t wait in line and wouldn’t have been on that flight last week and the ATC guys didn’t even have a response. Plus, the door ordeal happened after they were told that they were going to be targeted. And I don’t think they are anti-social except with those teams that were targeting them. They seemed to smile and get along with the other 2-guy team (also being targeted), the couple where the lady got pissed, and the NFL wives.

The roadblock was awesome. I was glad that team got kicked off. I only wish it was her fault because I really hated her more than him. The ending was a nail-biter though.

I think the old guys are going to be gone next. There will be inevitable chances to catch up and they don’t have the physical stamina, strength, etc. to make it. I want the dad/son gone though.

The whole train station line up thing bugged me. They were all going to wind up on the same train anyway, so why make a big deal about what order they get to go in and buy their tickets? It all just kind of felt like the participants were creating drama for the sake of drama.

I have more thoughts on the show, but I’m having trouble getting them into any kind of coherent form just now…maybe later.

It was a bit of a surprise to see Amanda & Chris out so fast. Not any swearing from them this time around, perhaps this was their downfall? I wonder if the producers told them to clean up their language over the first pit stop. From the look of their post-race interview they definitely look dumbfounded to be second out.

The fast forward more than likely won’t help the ATC guys a bit. Their knees simply aren’t going to get healthy. Too bad they didn’t get a cruise for finishing first in this leg! Next week will probably start with 1 of 3 trains (looked to me they were heading to Germany, which easily accessible by train from Venice), which means they’ll just be bunched with the three or four other teams on the first train.

Definitely not a chamber of commerce day in Venice. It looked absolutely miserable at the end of the night. At least they didn’t show the open sewer pipes on the back canals.

Thank GOD Amanda got eliminated tonight. She had the most potential to turn into another Raging Flo. Plus, I’m rootin’ for the NFL wives. YOU GO GIRLZ!!!

Wise use of FF by ATCs but unless their kneels heal overnight, they’re done for. Unless another team totally blows it.

That masquerade dance roadblock was FREAKY. So glad I’m taping this.

Loved the road block! A wonderful, different kind of challenge, and very true to the spirit of the place where they were. (I’m reminded of the Aussie slang roadblock last season, another great one.)

KGS – I HATE the NFL wives – what a couple of spoiled princesses! What do you like about them?

I wouldn’t say that. Don’t forget the guys from Season two, who were awesome, and last season, one of the brothers who came in 3rd was gay, and he was great too.

I’m still having a hard time telling some of the teams apart, but it’s getting easier. I think the ATC guys made the right move in taking the FF this week. If they hadn’t, they had a very good chance of getting eliminated this week.

And what was with all these teams finding the roadblock, and then just leaving to go sightseeing? When it doesn’t matter who gets on the train first, they’re fighting over who was 1st in line. When it does matter who gets in first, half the teams wander off. Now to be fair, I don’t think they knew only four people at a time could do the roadblock, but they should have figured maybe the order of arrival would be important, and stick it out.

I still don’t know what took the one NFL wife so long to find her mask. Did she not realize there was more than one room, or what? Some teams came and went twice in that time.

That was a fun and different road block. Less physical than most, but much more strenuous in terms of stress levels. Fun to watch.

Oddly, last night’s episode didn’t make me like or dislike anyone more than I previously did, which was kind of odd. There are still no teams that I look at and want to root for, while there are a couple that I will root against but don’t yet feel a blinding hatred for.

I must have forgotten Season 2’s guys. Who were they?

Did they ever come out and say that the one brother from last year’s third place team was gay? I know he seemed gay, but I never heard them say it on air.

mahaloth, Season Two featured the Cha-Cha boys, Danny and Oswald.

Oh, I hate them, too. They are spoiled. So are the two girls, the models. They’re a couple of airheads.

I like the virgin couple, Millie and What’s-his-name. Why the heck haven’t they gotten married yet?
I also think the air-traffic controllers will be out soon, if there’s any more real physical stuff.

I’m new to TAR. I’ve watched a couple of episodes here and there from previous seasons, but never got hooked on it.

I wonder if the VIRGINS knew that the word VIRGINS was going to appear on the screen every time their pure, innocent faces did.

Of course, they must have known, since it’s pretty clear the only reason they are even on the show is that they listened when Jesus told them not to hump. I cannot imagine a more boring couple.

The hell-bound fornicator in me says that if you haven’t sinned or gotten married in ten long years, it is time to move on.

I feel bad for the two ATC, while I have yet to successfully see a full season of TAR these two legs have been the most extended physically demanding legs I’ve seen. A couple mile trudge through snow at high altitute followed up by a city where you pretty much have to walk everywhere? That’s rough unless you’re in great physical shape.

I think that their FF was the best one I’ve seen played. All the teams are at least two to three hours behind them now thanks to the bunch up at the party. While there will be bunch up points again I can see their lead being enough to keep them near (or at) the front of the pack at least next week and there was no way they wouldn’t be eliminated if they hadn’t used the FF. They’re definitely playing smart…

Which is more than I can say for most of the teams. Blocking the door just made the gay couple seem like jerks. It’s a train for god’s sake, it’s not like they’re going to be limitted seating for only three teams. Don’t they realize that treating the other teams like that this early in the race is just going to make it tougher? Yes, Steve and Josh didn’t behave nicely last episode but they hurt one team by their actions and made it up to them later.

The roadblock was great. I was snickering when they went in thinking “Oh, this is a challenge” and then seeing that they had dozens of people dressed up in near identical masks mingling. That was a diabolical one though I kind of wish they hadn’t let the teams pile up there like that. There wasn’t a need for it since some teams took a very long time to do the task and the difference in arrival didn’t seem to be great enough that there would be a need to get them together.

The virgins have officially gotten under my skin. I was all set to defend them; “If they started their relationship when they were twelve it’s a bit more understandable than if they had when they were twenty,” and things like that. But that holier-than-thou attitude makes me sick. I recall a minister and his wife in season two (I think) who weren’t nearly this bad.

I suspect as well that the producers asked Amanda to tone down the potty mouth during the pit stop. It made her very unlikable to me last episode as I kept thinking “If she’s acting like this now how is she going to be behaving ten episodes down the road?” This episode that team was almost tolerable. Oh well, can’t say I’m sorry to see them go.

They did say last season that the one brother was gay, it wasn’t just implied.

I liked this roadblock too, and the Fast Forward as well. But I too was a little upset that they kept getting all bunched up, especially after that one team took a risk and ran the Detour instead of taking the gondolas like everyone else, and worked so hard to get ahead. I thought they deserved to be ahead for that, but them’s the breaks, I know.

Teams I think will be out soon: The NFL wives, the models, and unfortunately the ATC guys. No one who uses the Fast Forward so early in the game ever makes it to the end. The NFL wives are pretty much doomed in last place with their FF already gone. I also am betting the father / son team won’t make it to the end, but only because parent / child teams just don’t seem to work well on this show, not because they are really doing anything wrong. The models might make it a little further, but with one unwilling or unable to run that’s a big disadvantage, plus they just don’t seem as determined or focused as some of the other teams. The gay couple will have to survive on their own abilities, because they aren’t going to get any help from anyone else. It reminds me of the model twins from last season - everyone seems threatened by a pair of good-looking guys (no one knows they are a couple yet, I don’t think). But last year the twins still made it really far, so with them I think it’s too early to tell.

Some of the couple teams are mixed up in my mind right now, I like the show a little better when there are fewer teams. I still like the clown team right now.

It was definitely mentioned that Ken was gay. Their whole shtick was that they were the opposite brothers, one is gay, other is straight, one is a democrat, etc etc… And how could someone forget the wonderful Cha Cha Cha boys?

About this episode, that was a great roadblock. Upto that point, I was a bit disappointed with the episode, because of all the bunching. I’m a little sad to see Amanda/Chris go, because Amanda was kinda cute. And I could actually recognise them. Still, not too bad.

Other random thoughts… Weezer & Geezer is a great nickname, good one, Reichen or Chip or whoever it was who came up with that.
About the door-blocking episode, Reichen did admit in an interview later that it was a little stupid and immature.
Most anonymous team till now, the two straight guys (Jeff and someone). Every time one of them was on screen, my reaction was ‘Who is that?’. I even mistook them for locals at one point.

Next ones out will probably be the NFL Moms. I don’t like them at all. I think the ATCs will hang in there for a couple of more weeks, unless they’re as physical as these two legs have been. Their FF should keep them safe for next week at least.

And speaking of next week, looks like Millie is taking on Reichen. That girl is a live wire. I wonder where all that pent-up energy could be coming from… hmm…

Well, Esquire the winners in the first season, took theirs in the first leg. And Ken & Gerard did too, and they finished third. I don’t think it matters much when you take it, because of all the bunching, but you should leave it till you’re really in trouble, unlike the NFL moms… But in this particular case, I do agree that both these teams don’t look like they’ll last very long.

Why do I remember little details about previous seasons of this race?

*Originally posted by ReservoirDog *
**I wonder if the VIRGINS knew that the word VIRGINS was going to appear on the screen every time their pure, innocent faces did.QUOTE]
Given that the general concensus is that the teams themselves pick their identifiers it seems that they did.