Amazing Spider-Man 2 was surprisingly good! (Open Spoilers)

The action scenes were really really well done. I’m sorry I missed it in IMAX, but I’m glad I saw it on a really big screen in 3D. The web-slinging scenes were breathtaking. I also liked Peter and Gwen’s chemistry, though her speech at the beginning laid on the foreshadowing a bit thick.

Really disliked the Rhino’s suit. It just looked ridiculous. Also, the plot didn’t make a lot of sense, but then plots of comic book movies rarely do.

Saw it at a cinema grill where you can have a meal with your movie. The meal was good (it usually is); the film was…Meh.

Let’s see:

[li]Too long -Could have trimmed a half hour and lost very little of the story[/li][li]Too many villains - This is where comic book films always mess up sequels. You don’t need several villains, if you make the one a GOOD one.[/li][li]Jamie Foxx’s character - An electrical engineer doesn’t do building repairs and a person who is smart enought o design a wireless power grid would be a well-compensated employee or they would quit and take their talents elsewhere. Also becoming Electro in the manner that he did was…just silly.[/li][li]The beginning wasn’t to bad - The scene with Peter’s parents almost seemed as if it was part of another, darker film. It almost didn’t “fit” the rest of it.[/li][li]Rhino battle armor - Nope. Just…nope.[/li][li]**Make Spider man MUSCULAR next time **- None of the franchise make him look like a superhero. [/li][li]Andrew Garfield’s terrible hairpiece -After the graduation scene it looks as if a wild animal ded on his scalp[/li][/ol]

This was a long, but average, film.

  1. Maybe so.
  2. Meh. I think it was fine. The Rhino was a bookend to first bring you back into this world and then to set up the next movie.
  3. It’s a comic book. What origin story isn’t silly? Bruce Banner would have died from radiation poisoning. Peter Parker would have just had a nasty spider bite. It’s a comic book universe in which exposure to radiation doesn’t kill you it gives you super powers. If you can’t suspend disbelief comic book movies aren’t for you.
  4. Did you see the first one? The mystery of his parents is the thread linking this series.
  5. Yes they did not follow the comic artwork and made the suit look more mechanical. But Rhinos backstory included Hulk-like gamma exposure as well as an organic looking suit. You complained about time. There wasn’t time to explain it. A guy in a mechanical suit works.
  6. Some artists have drawn Spider-Man with bulging muscles. Many did not. He is not supposed to look like Thor. He’s supposed to look normal.
  7. Did you bother looking at all? That’s his hair. What makes you think otherwise?

The Rhino is essentially a cameo anyway. He shouldn’t even count as a villain in the movie any more than the Mole Guy at the end of The Incredibles.

Just saw this on cable. Not a huge fan, but it was okay.

The funniest bit by far had to be at the end, with Gwen Stacy. She’s determined to come help because she’s studied the plans! She knows how to reset the system!

We then see her walk into the control room to find a big giant switch labeled Master Reset. Yeah, good thing she studied the system; if it weren’t for her special knowledge, that problem would have been unsolvable.

The Dr Octopus and Vulture props were there as foreshadowing for the Sinister Six movie.

Because this movie tanked (relative to expectations) it is looking like Sony is rethinking their whole Spider Man plan. The recent hack revealed that Marvel studios had approached them about them jointly putting out a movie and Sony said no but now the buzz is they are rethinking it and may do it. This in theory could put Spider-man back into the same Cinematic Universe as the Avengers etc.

And that if they do, Andrew Greenfield may be out as Spider-man.

That’s good, but will they keep Andrew Garfield?

I was kind of annoyed that Max Dillon, geeky nerd extraordinaire, had the basic, flat nerd accent you’d expect, but as soon as he developed super powers and decided to become a villain, adopted the full-on street thug way of speaking. Why would he do that?

Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man is GREAT. Both he and Emma Stone deserve/deserved to be in better movies.

I thought Electro was the weakest part of the movie; he just didn’t grab me as a villain.

Well, they might try to cast Blake Harrison for one movie, but then end up going back to Garfield.