Spiderman: What’s the big deal?

I’m not here to state that Spiderman will be a bad movie, I’m questioning why everyone thinks it looks so cool.

From what I’ve seen and heard, I don’t expect much.

First off you have Tobey Maguire playing Spiderman. Some of my friends despise young Tobey… but not me, I just don’t see him as playing Spiderman. That said, I’m not too familiar with the comic. Secondly we have Kirsten Dunst playing Mary Jane, once a gain, I’m not sure she fits the character because I’m not familiar with the comic, I do know that, like a lot of people, I’m REALLY not a fan of her, her choice in roles and her acting.

To my knowledge the general story behind this movie, (and the comic), is that a boy gets bitten by a genetically altered spider… I guess I think that seems kind of lame. If any of you would like to fill me in on something about the story that I may be leaving out, feel free.

There are some people that I know who’ve watched the trailer and said; “Wow, that looks cool”, to which I would reply; “…No it doesn’t”. These are the same people that likes ‘X-Men’. I don’t know, ‘X-Men’ seemed to me like it was a silly movie with a stilly story that tried be an emotional and serious on top of action-packed. It didn’t explain the characters “evolution” at all so it seemed like something that just about anyone could have concocted. To me, this stuff is laughable. I could have come up with the Spiderman plot when I was a 14 (from what I know about it). Most of comic book character seem silly to my fleshed out an real on the big screen. And the fact that Spiderman takes place in a REAL city (In N.Y., at least I think judging by the first trailer) just makes it look even more like a bad blend of two very separate worlds .

If spider had a message or some meaning, it would be easier to suspend the cheesiness of the movie. But judging by the dialog from the commercials it sounds completely stupid. Stuff like: “Who AM I? You believe me if I TOLD you!.. What I have turned into is SOMETHING I would NEVER have thought I would turn into”. (not exact quotes), So what is the craze about!? Are the people who like movies like these the same that went to see Godzilla enough times to make it a Blockbuster. Is it all about special effects?

Tell me if you know because if I go see this movie, I want to know exactly what I need to look for to have a good time.

My fanboyish reasons why I’m eager to see the Spider-Man (hyphen!) movie:

  1. Sam Raimi is a director with a good track record.

  2. The buzz is that the script is not just muscle-men-fighting-action, but covers a lot of the teenage angst and self-doubt from the early days of the comic book series.

  3. The snippits of web-swinging I’ve seen look breathtaking.

  4. It’s taken almost 20 years for a Spider-Man movie to be made at all (the rights have been tied up in the courts for ages), so just seeing anything arrive in the theaters is a rush.

  5. All indications so far are that the movie is very faithful to the comic book (except for the web shooters). Another plus for us Spidey-comic fanboys. :wink:

It does. “With great power comes great responsibility.” This mantra defines Spider-Man, far more than the bug-bite does.

Bottom line: some of the interest is definitely for folks who are familiar with Spider-Man’s comic book history, who want to see a live-action version of our favorite super-hero. On the other hand, because the movie looks like it will be very faithful to the source, there’s a good chance that it will not be Just Another Summer Movie Slugfest, and will have some significant insights into the human condition, into the awkwardness of being a teenager and outsider, and into what a responsible person owes to society.

And besides, it looks like it’ll be fun! :smiley:

I’m not very familiar with the comic either, and I’ll admit to being a little curious about the decision to cast Tobey Maguire in the title role. However, he’s proven his chops by my standards as an actor. I thought he was very good in The Ice Storm, Pleasantville, and although I haven’t seen it yet, I’ve heard he was quite good in Wonder Boys.


Who cares if she fits the character? Kirsten Dunst is NICE to look at, and I plan on looking at her quite a bit on Friday. And apparently unlike quite a few people, I thought she was a decent actress in the few roles I’ve seen her in.


That sounds about right. A friend of mine is a major geek on all things Spider-Man, and I’m gonna see if I can get him involved on this thread. If there is any order to this universe, he will. :slight_smile:

Well, originally it was an irradiated spider, before we realized that radiation does not give you superpowers. Unless you consider cancer a superpower.

Dunst as a young Mary Jane Watson is good casting in my book. For how Mary Jane was written early in the series(30-100), I think they have her number.

It’s not that I don’t think she’s right for the part, I just can’t stand her. The only movie I saw her in and kind of liked was Virgin Suicide. I listen to her in interviews and such, and find her extremely annoying.

But that’s me. :slight_smile:

Sounds like the suspension of disbelief you need to accept superheroes as ‘real’ is something you have a hard time with. In that case, you probably will never like any superhero-ish movie. Well, not much to be done about that.

I don’t go for superhero comics much, but I’m fairly aware of many of them and the basic gist of what they’re about.

Spider-Man ( <— that’s apparently the correct spelling, with the hyphen etc) isn’t so much about superheroes as a young awkward teen who ends up with coooool super powers, but has to deal with them in the real world. That’s his main difference, and why we can relate to him.

“With great power comes great responsibility” and we are going to watch and see how he handles that responibility, while at the same time wish we could climb up walls and swing through the city blocks.


Well Spidey does look pretty cool swinging around New York in the trailers.


He seems like an excellent choice to me. Peter Parker was a geeky high school kid who suddenly found himself with super powers. He certainly looks the part to me.


Casting comic book characters can be difficult especially when it comes to female comic characters.


We’re talking about a superhero which should automatically kick in that part of your brain that allows you to suspend your disbelief. Just about ever superhero has a fairly lame origin. Darvedevil was hit by some radioactive isotope while saving a man from getting hit by a car. You might think he’d get cancer or something but instead he goes blind while gaining all sorts of superhuman senses, go figure.


Maybe superheros aren’t your cup of tea.

Nothing we say is going to help you enjoy this movie. My suggestion to you is that you just skip it and do something else instead.


Well, Most of you are of greater intelligence than me… I do respect your opinions.

As I’m reading, I sort of wish I were in on this excitement. When I was younger I could think up stuff like this. And then I think I needed an explanation for things like this. Superman, I think, has the coolest story. Anyone know of any plans for an updated Superman. I think I did hear of one but sadly I believe it was going to be directed by the same guy who did Charlie’s Angles… which I don’t care how much eye-candy there was for people who like that sort of stuff, was so idiotic and so dumb, at least IMHO (I‘m sorry, there are some movies I JUST hate and talk matter-of-factly about. Not trying to offend the Angel fans). Then again, I don’t know it that would be much of the directors fault.

I really want to give Spider a chance. If I could just look at it as a “ride” maybe I’ll like it. I’ve always thought that the ride/flying/souring scenes in movies are rarely perfected. Not enough fist person!

Maybe Spider did so!

I have to agree here. It sounds as though you have made up your mind on this movie already.

I am just curious why you started a thread in which you dog on a character and story you admittedly know nothing about? This would be like me starting a thread about how lame I think CSI is when I have only seen a couple commercials.

What do you want us to say? You hate the actors, you don’t like the story, you don’t like the effects. Don’t go see it. Are we supposed to convince you it’s worth seeing?

my gril wants to see it tomorrow, so i’m going. i was a huge spidey fan during my younger years. tobey seems a little “sedate” for my tastes, but i’ll suspend judgement until i see the movie. he looks more and more like peter parker every time i see the trailer. however, i don’t like the spidey suit, it looks like those godawful nike running shoes with the snot-like laces on them. the “webs” on the suit stick out. i wish they would have gone with a simple suit, and tailored it after the mcfarlane-era look, huge eyes and all. and the green goblin suit looks weak. willem dafoe is a perfect match for osborne, but the suit looks stupid. but i guess in the comics he was a straight-up elf, so i guess that would have looked pretty dumb as well.

I am a huge Superman fan, but not a Spiderman fan. But even I am waiting on pins and needles to see the new Spiderman movie. I just dig the whole “kinda geeky person with a super secret identity” story. Scarlet Pimpernel, Zorro, Superman, etc etc.

And oh my god, if they ever get off their asses and make that new Superman movie they’ve been jabbering about for about five freakin’ years now, then you’ll see me really really giddy…

This is a hijack, but I have never heard a better description of those shoes.

" The buzz is that the script is not just muscle-men-fighting-action, but covers a lot of the teenage angst and self-doubt from the early days of the comic book series." …Exactly what I always hated about Spidey. While my own self-indulgent teen angst was of course endlessly scintillating; Peter Parker has always bored the hoo-hah out of me. . Unless the movie includes someone slapping him REAL HARD and saying “Could you please just get the %^% over yourself NOW!” I remaim totally underwhelmed at the prospect of seeing it.

I think Spider-Man has the best angle for any superhero around. He is written as if just a normal human was given superpowers. He is what we would be if we were superheroes.

This revolutionized the way superhero comics were being written in the '60s. Superman is essentially a god like character with unbelievable power, high moral authority, and only plays at Clark Kent. Clark is the mask, the chariciture, that Superman plays to interact with the world. He isn’t really a nerdy guy, but plays one in real life.

Batman is the same way. He hides behind the mask of Bruce Wayne, billionaire playboy. The real man is somewhere in between.

Peter Parker is the person, the identity, and Spider-Man is the mask that protects his identity and thus his loved ones. He is comfortable with who he is without the mask (except for guilt for not helping others). I don’t think Superman or Batman would be truely comfortable being the non hero persona.

Weeell…I don’t really agree with your idea of Spider-man being who we would be if we were superheroes (I’m too cynical; I’d have killed most of the super-villians first chance) and there’s too much angst there for me (“Ooo my life is hard but I can bench-press a tractor-trailer”) but the movie looks like fun, or at least Willem Dafoe being nutso does. I’d like Venom for the second movie, but that would take a LOT of backstory.

I’ll agree that Batman and Superman really don’t seem all that “human.” Bruce Wayne doesn’t even exist, really. He’s just a name Batman uses. Superman is slightly more comfortable as Clark I’d say, but not much.

 If you need an infallible plan, call Batman. If you need someone to move the moon out of orbit or something, call Superman. If you need someone to have their boss yell at them, call Spiderman. He is more realistic than the others, but still too much angst.

I looked at the credits on IMDB, and there’s a character way down the list called Eddie Brock. We can look for a little setup somewhere in this film for the Venom storyline, I think.

In the words of Stan Lee, Peter Parker was the first superhero who had to worry about being able to pay the rent. He is a man of high moral character, but it actually gets tested from time to time. Superman has his code, but the situation needs to be really extreme for there to be any doubt how he’ll deal with what comes up. Doing the right thing doesn’t have much of a downside for him (except that he doesn’t get the girl, but that never worried him too greatly).

Spidey, on the other hand, is confronted every day with the fact that he could make his life a lot easier using his powers selfishly. If he were to decide to start robbing banks, he’d be successful with little risk of getting caught, what with the superpowers and the brains he has. It wouldn’t even change his reputation much, since much of the city thinks of him as a menace anyway.

Instead, he sees his gifts as entailing a responsibility to right wrongs. He struggles to make money the usual way because it wouldn’t be right to do it any other way. He protects people who hate him, because he can and he should do so.

This movie, if it’s done right, will get into how he got the powers and how he decided that being a hero was the only way he could live with himself. I think that’ll be a worthy story. Plus, there’s all that web-swinging and goblin-fighting. Can’t go wrong with that.

One issue of a Spider-Man comic sums up the appeal to me of Spidey.

Peter Parker, being a chemistry whiz, decides to whip up a batch of detergent in the tub to clean his costume. (He can’t exactly dry-clean the thing, and he doesn’t have the money to buy regular detergent.) And he gets the proportions wrong, bleaching the suit. He pulls his now-pastel costume out of the tub just as he hears a news report about some tragedy in the city. There’s no time to even dry his costume.

So in the next frame, we see a pastel-suited Spider-Man swinging his way through New York, all the while thinking “I bet Thor has a spare costume, but not me. Noooo. I’ll probably catch my death of cold in this wet costume.”