The Star Wars Trilogy is coming out on DVD in a little less than a month. Right now there are 901 reviews of this product when presumably none of these people have it. (Maybe a couple got them beforehand, but I’m sure not 901 of them.) My opinion would be to stop people from reviewing until the official release date so that the consumer (me :slight_smile: ) doesn’t have to wade through the crapulence of reviews of people that haven’t even touched the item. Is that so wrong?

No, Maybe they should have an identical previews section.

Do you really think that having the product is going to make a huge difference in these peoples’ opinions?

I assumed most of those reviews would have the usual This text refers to the VHS Tape

They don’t. <sigh>

I’ve noticed the same thing in the past with expansion packs for The Sims. Reviews such as “I gave it 5 stars bcuz its gonna be AWESOM! This will be the best one EVA!” are not helpful. I recall emailing Amazon and suggesting they lock down the reviews section on pre-orders, but they never responded.