Amazon non-delivery

How does one get to acknowledge my report to them of non-receipt of an order (for 3 books). Their tracking number says only that it was shipped (on July 3) and is now still “on the way”. Their “return and replacement” menu gives only info that the return window has expired (on August 6), nothing on how to replace non-received items.

From their contact form, just choose whatever you need to in order to get the Phone button to show up. Then you can have a live human call you, explain the situation to them, and hopefully they’ll take care of you. Usually they’re really good at customer service.

Otherwise do a credit card chargeback.

Who’s the delivery company? Where is it shipping from?
If it’s shipping from China, it can take several weeks.

As I remember, click on the return or replace item button. One of the standard reasons you can give is that the order was never received.

In general, your best bet is to pull up a chat window and say something like “I ordered some books about two months ago and they haven’t arrived, could you take a look into that”. They’ll ask you some questions (order number, names of the books tracking number etc, have that ready in another tab so you can cut and paste it quickly). If you have prime, also add in “they were supposed to be delivered by July 5th but it still says that they’re on the way”.
If you bought it’s a “Sold and Ships from Amazon”/Eligible for Prime type thing, they’ll probably just reship them, and they should give you a free month of prime*.
If it’s a third party, well A)that’s why I try never to use third parties and B) you first have to go through the order to report that it hasn’t arrived, but if you’ve done that, then do what I said via the chat window.

*The day after something doesn’t arrive, go ahead and contact them. Don’t feel bad, it’s what they’re there for and if you have prime, you’re paying them for that service.

I always just call them on the phone. 1 (888) 280-4331, according to google.