"Ambiguously Gay Duo" feature film in the works - See Alex Ross poster!

Ambiguously Gay Duo" feature film in the works.
The Alex Ross poster is …ummm…


when will people realize that 2 minutes of funny =! 1 1/2 hours of funny?

It seems unlikely that the concept can carry a 90 minute movie.

Wow, another one note SNL gag stretched for 90 minutes. Let me try to contain my glee.

I can not envision a way that this movie is not going to suck.

And the crowd roars it’s approval!

I think I just need to see Alex Ross’ takes on Underdog and Spaceman Spiff, and my curiosity will be finally satisfied.

Mine was satisfied a long time ago.

Painted comics don’t do anything for the medium of painting OR the medium of comics.

Sign of the apocalypse, anyone?

Fiver. You may not like painted comics, but that statement is just silly.

I second (fifth?) the notion that this movie will totally blow.

It will just suck harder than anything else that has come in a long while.

Suck? Blow? Make up your mind!

Lorne Michaels !!!

When the live audience stops laughing at an overdone skit, it’s not funny anymore!

I’m going to have to pass on this one. The Ambiguously Gay Duo shorts on SNL regularly scored way below average on the SnappityFunMeter.

Alex Ross actually has enough of a sense of humour to paint the Ambiguously Gay Duo?


Well, you know, there was that Wonder Twins woosh he did a few years back…

It will be ambiguously lousy.

and the Super Friends

What’s everybody looking at?!

Well, let’s see, It’s Pat holds the record for lowest grossing movie ever (something like $42K for the entire box office take), and Stuart Saves His Family probably didn’t do much better, so if that hasn’t taught Lorne Michaels, I don’t think anything short of death will.