American Crime Season 2 and male rape

I’ve just been reading this article on the American TV series American Crime.

The thread about the first season was not very positive. How are Dopers finding this second season?

I like it mostly because of Felicity Huffman’s talent. The plot is interesting so far but develops very slowly as this show did in the first season. It’s also jarring at first to see the same actors in different roles but I’m getting over that.

I liked the first season. And a big part of what I like about the 2nd season is the same actors in different roles, especially seeing them pop up in later episodes, when you don’t expect it.

The kid playing the male victim was an actor on Falling Sky’s, the Noah Wyle sci-fi series that was on TNT.

How are you finding its addressing of the main issue? Is it preachy? Dismissive? Or something else?

At first the cops are dismissive or skeptical, especially because there are pictures of the “victim” (we don’t know the whole story yet) drunk at the party. But when the mom is able to produce the clothes from that night and they find other semen, and blood, a detective starts working the case and is serious about it. They are talking taking swabs from the whole basketball team since it was their party.

The headmistress doesn’t really have an opinion on whether men can be raped, etc.; she’s all about covering the school and her own position.

Yesterday’s ep started with a spoken word performance by a young man who had experienced others’ doubt about him being raped – of course it was preachy but it was a dramatization of someone speaking out in a supportive environment.

At this point we don’t know enough about exactly what happened, but I would say the case is being pursued probably more strongly than it would in real life. It may get dropped now that there are emails that show the kid as going there to hook up with one of the players, but it’s possible more went on than just that.

I didn’t watch the first season, but I stumbled upon this one’s first episode and immediately got hooked. I feel like it is extremely well-written, with pretty authentic-sounding dialogue even for the high-schoolers, and good performances from the actors—and it intelligently explores some complex issues. I also think it treats its setting (Indianapolis) with respect, as an actual place and not just “Middletown, Flyover Country” with everything really filmed in the San Fernando Valley.

To be honest, I wasn’t looking to watch yet another network television crime show, but the lead actor was so cute I got pulled in. I came for the cutie pie, and stayed for the writing.