American Idol (5/11)

What? Is everyone voting for their favorite tonight so Jasmine won’t be in the Final 3? Or, have we lost viewers since George was given the boot last week?

I hate disco.

I’m typing this as I listen to it…

Jasmine #1 - Some pitch issues but the worst thing is that there was nothing special about it and I think Simon was right on. He didn’t exactly say that she sucked he was only saying that she wasn’t as good as the rest of them - which is right.

LaToya #1 - She sung a song that I hate very well. I thought the beginning was pretty slow (more the songs fault than anything) but it came together 1/3 in. As much as I like her, Simon’s criticism was fair.

Fantasia #1 - She did a fine job, I guess. It’s tough for me to judge because I just can’t like her voice no matter how hard I try. I disagree about the smile comment from Donna Summers.

Diana #1 - She’s really starting to gain some momentum and if she makes it into the final two, it’d be far from an upset. I do think some of the low notes were troublesome. It could simply be that high notes get all her focus, but I think she needs to be wary of the lower notes even though those won’t win her the competition by themselves.

Jasmine #2 - Is it just me or does she have a very limited range? I think I heard her span at most 2 octaves? At opportunities for her to go a little higher and really own it, she levelled out. She was also pitchy. She’s a rock solid fourth. It breaks my heart to see a girl cry…I still think it’s her time to go.

LaToya #2 - There ya go. That was nearly flawless (one or two points were a touch sketchy, nothing is perfect after all). There is nobody in this competition, noone, who can hit all the notes as consistantly as she does and with power. As far as a voice goes, she is head and shoulders above Diana and Fantasia (and obviously Jasmine). This song proved she also is a mighty fine performer.

Fantasia #2 - I am really on the fence with this one. I like the song but as I listened something was off. I guess I just agree with all of the judges, poor song choice. It didn’t sound bad, just not right. I don’t know, as far as an explanation goes I really can’t give a better one than that. I just don’t know what was wrong but something was.

Diana #2 - Simon said exactly what I wanted, he usually does (don’t know if that’s good or bad). The first half was nothing spectacular but pretty good but man did she bring that home at the end, the end was flawless. I am really a fan now.

Bottom Two -
Jasmine to go.
Fantasia but possibly LaToya due to lack of support.

My order for the entire competition -
LaToya - Don’t think this is a surprise.
Diana - I liked her before but tonight proved she’s got game.
Fantasia - Respect her voice, don’t like it. Diana passed her this week.
Jasmine - Nice girl but she can’t go in the top three.

Holy Cow! Donna Summer looks just like Rick James.

I didn’t bother watching the show tonight, but I listened since my parents were watching it.

Jasmine was awful, Latoya was boring, Fantasia and Diana were pretty good.

I don’t care if Jasmine cried, she didn’t deserve to be in the top SEVEN, much less top four.

of minutes spent voting for Diana = 63

of times I got through = 0

That’s not a good sign.

I’m becoming concerned that Diana might actually win the competition, which would probably kill the show.

It was definitely weird having Simon lead off. I really like it when Randy blathers, Paula simpers and then Simon slams! It just doesn’t work the other way around.

Donna Summer, in addition to looking bad, was useless as a judge.

Jasmine sucked again. The other three were quite good. . . even Fantasia, whom I cannot stand!

Has anyone been following the MUTTS comic strip this week? It’s all American Idol and it’s really, really cute!

I don’t care who wins this season of AI. I didn’t vote.

Man, Diana better win the show! Jasmine sucks (BAAAAAD), LaToya has no personality (very blah in personality, even though a WOW in voice), and Fantasia’s voice just is grating to me.

The current Favorite Thing to Say is that whoever you don’t like will somehow ruin the popularity of the show by giving the award to the most popular singer. :rolleyes:

Anyway, I missed it because I went to see a real concert, and realized how much Idol singers suck compared to professional singers.

I messed that up… should have said

The current Favorite Thing to Say is that whoever you don’t like will somehow ruin the popularity of the show by being the most popular singer. :rolleyes:

Skutirette left them on the fridge for me. They are cute. For those who haven’t seen them, the artist has a series of cats and things caterwauling then being judged by three dogs that look strangely familiar.

Another evening of general blech. Something needs to be done about the beginning of the process. Open calls are okay, but the producers should do some research and find some struggling actual talent to bring in just in case it ends up being like this season — no one who can sing or cares to work hard makes it to the final twelve. Fantasia is a bratty adulation whore who, if she becomes a success, will make the lives of her underlings and her manager a living hell. La Toya is a glorified lounge singer. Jasmine isn’t worth this complete sentence. And there’s something about Diana that I find to be spooky. At 16, she looks like she’s already had several face-lifts and lipsuction from her arms. She has eyes like children of the corn. Her singing is average at best.

A member of my household got in some votes for Diana last night. My only stipulation about using my phone was that no one should vote for Jasmine. I would have voted myself if he hadn’t, just to be sure that Jasmine is history.

I think Diana has really upped her game. We voted for her AND LaToya last night.

I’ve never been able to get through on the toll-free lines. I always text-message my vote.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I want Diana to win. I haven’t really ever cared for her that much (I was a George fan), but now that George is gone, she’s the most interesting contestant, IMO.
Jasmine’s outta here, and LaToya bores me. Fantasia’s my #2 favorite.
Okay, now I have a question. When Randy was critiquing LaToya’s first performance and telling her it didn’t blow her away, Paula said “But Randy, she’s blown you away every week,” and someone (I’m questioning who) said “I agree with you, Paula.” At first, I thought it was LaToya who said it, but then on second thought I realized that it could have easily been Donna Summer. Can someone clarify that for me? Please tell me LaToya didn’t say it.

What a boring episode of American Idol. For some reason, I thought disco night would go well. Guess I was wrong about that.

I’ve been on the Jasmine badwagon, hoping she would finish second to LaToya. Well, it’s time for her to go. She’s gotten a bit worse each week, and even though I’d rather listen to her than Fantasia, it would be cruel to bring her back for another week after last night.

Does anyone else think Jasmine’s voice has gotten weaker as the weeks have gone on? She’s getting raspy and hoarse sounding, whereas in the beginning her voice was amazingly strong. I think she has suffered the most from the effects of singing this much.

Anyway, I still think LaToya is far and away the best singer and best performer, and she’s also very pretty. I know a lot of people say she’s boring, and I just don’t see it. She doesn’t bore me a bit. I like her.

Fantasia’s voice still sounds like a cartoon character dragging its nails across a chalk board, and I still don’t think the American Idol should be a teen mom. I hope she goes next week.

Diana is doing better each week, but she does nothing for me. She’s so over-the-top perky…terribly annoying. Gotta give her credit for getting better each week, even though she’s not my cup of tea.

So, I’ve still got LaToya on top by a mile, and Diana coming in a distant second. We’ll see. I wish there were still two viable candidates I could be excited about.

I really don’t like Fantasia…believe me…but what does her being a teen mom have to do with her possibly winning a singing competition?

It is a singing/talent show not a morality one. If she has a great voice (which I personally am not convinced of) then what difference does it matter if she was a teen mom?

I don’t like hearing about Fantasia’s kid either. Some people will probably vote for her out of sympathy, others will dislike her for being a teen mom. Either way, it’s just information that gets in the way of deciding who is the best performer. The kid has nothing to do with this!

I was looking forward to last night. I like disco. I know it?s very unpopular with a lot of people, especially on this board. But it?s not meant to be music you contemplate the universe by. It?s dance/party music; just for fun, really.

I felt bad for Jasmine. She came in knowing she needed to really shine. She didn?t, and judges really let her know it too. As she was standing there with Ryan, she probably knew it would be last week. Her dream is over. I bet everyone knows how that feels.

I thought Diana won the night, but LaToya and Fantasia were good too.

LaToya has been my favorite since the start. I?m not so sure now. Kind of a three way tie.

This isn’t a singing competition. If it were a singing competition they’d put up a screen and have all the performers sing blind. Then the judges would determine who moves on and who stays.

This is about finding the next “American Idol”, and whatever else that may entail, it certainly includes a person’s character and the choices they’ve made. We’ve already had one contestent who got kicked out for getting a DUI. He may have been the best singer in the competition…I don’t know. But he couldn’t be the American Idol because of his arrest.

Fantasia being a teen mom matters to me. I don’t think she should win for a whole bunch of reasons, but that is one of them.