American Universities in Italy

I am trying to find an American University in Italy so that I can pursue my Masters degree while living there. My Fiancé is in the Air Force and we will be living in Aviano AFB next year.

The problem is I am having trouble finding an American University with a campus in Italy. I am not that adept at using Google because I do not know the appropriate word combinations to search for.

So if anyone can point me in the right direction I’d be so happy. I figure looking for American schools would be my best option, because the GRE and GMAT only apply to American schools. (That’s what I was told)

Also any advice would be wonderful as well. I am just about to start my senior year at Florida State, and honestly this whole process is overwhelming. This may be a really easy thing to do, and I may be dumb for asking, but I just have not had any sucess thus far. Thank you in advance! I hope this is in the right place.

You can try The American University of Rome - the search terms I used to find it were “american university” rome.

You can also try the terms: “american university” italy to see what comes up with that. I used the first because I was fairly certain that school existed.

Lsura Thank you very much. The AUR doesn’t offer a graduate program, but I am going to Google “American University” “italy”. Thank you for your help!