Americans are too stupid to be ashamed

I’ve been volunteering at at crisis call center trying help victims of the hurricane get some aid and find loved ones.

These people didn’t choose not to heed the evacuation order. They are poor and do not cars. What kind of pathetic third world nation doesn’t make plans for evacuating the weakest segment of society in the event of a predictable natural disaster. Essentially, America privatized the evacuation of New Orleans.

Now people are indignant at the looting and deep down see it as justification for not helping these people.

All of you who think the administration is doing an adequate job, I’d like to ask you to answer phones all night and try to explain to illiterate (thanks to America’s pathetic education system) refugees how to use a computer so they can start looking for their lost family members.

I go out for lunch and I see all you pathetic fat losers going on with your pathetic trite lives oblivious to the human suffering of thousands of your countrymen. This is much worse than 9-11 but because the victims aren’t bankers in business suits, or our “heros” in uniform you don’t.

People dying of thirst in the street by the thousands is fine with you as long as they are black. Fuck you.

Generalize much, do you?

Wow, that’s the most original commentary I’ve read in the last five minutes.

Fair enough for you to be upset and angry, but there are other people, like you, doing what they can to help, some of them on this board.

Yes, OK I suppose it’s easy for me across the Atlantic to sit here asking you to be fair and calm down. Sorry about that, really.

What to say? It’s such a terrible thing and I would send prayers if that was my scene, but , well, best wishes, and keep strong. You and all others helping are heroes.


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Thank you

And you can blame all Americans for the failure of one cities evacuation plans? Yeah I personally told them not to use school buses, greyhound, and all forms of vehicles to get those that needed help getting out, out. A hearty fuck you for blaming me.

Cite? For people showing justification for not helping “these” people.

I hope you mean the administration from the mayor to the governor to the president

I got educated in an inner city school, I may not have the smarts to do a lot of things and sometimes the education sytem does fail, but sometimes the humans in the system fail.

So calling someone “fat” is not an insult to a group of Americans it may not be racism but it sure as fuck is hateful. That same pathetic fat loser, could of donated 1,000’s of dollars or perhaps his company is donating millions. What we should all quit work to go help? Byebye American economy. Going to work doesn’t mean we do not care, going on with our lives ensures the money to rebuild and help those who need it get done, fucker.

I don’t what? I don’t care? Fuck you again, I cared enough to volunteer to go down with the Red Cross for 3 weeks, I donated money, hell my whole office collected more money then we collected for 9/11

No fuck you for lumping everyone together.

So you can’t make any general statements about America anymore?

“America went to war with Germany in WWII”

I never went to war with Germany.

“Americans elected George Bush as president”

I voted for Kucinich.

What sort of self-centered person are you that you think that any statments about America must be personally applicable to you? There were some major failures here. And some groups were failed more than other groups, which makes a lot of people very angry and very sad. And since our government has been tasked with helping out in disasters (and has whole divisions dedicated to said task) I think it’s not so bad to put the blame on the government- which we, America, elected. I’m glad you got an education in the ghetto and are better than me since you volunteered and gave money and it must be awefully hard in the snow with all those hills without shoes, but come the fuck on.

angrydonkey is angry. Some bad stuff has happened, and now angrydonkey is left trying to clean up a mess that our goverment was charged with preventing and failed to do. Find somewhere else to explain to everyone why you are superior and rant incoherently.

I could do this in more words but its much simplier to just call you a pathetic, fat, racist, loser, who didn’t quit his job to go help, so fuck you.

I take it you’ve been sleeping for five minutes?

even sven, it’s not a generalization about America. It’s “Americans are too stupid to be ashamed.” It’s not a political commentary or an composed observation, it’s hot and fresh spew from a jackass. Fuck him and fuck you if you don’t know the difference.

So you’re the one!

I suppose you can, but not if you want to be terribly accurate.

There is also a difference in statements of historical record about our country (America went to war with Germany in WWII) and misrepresentations such as (All Americans went to war with Germany in WWII).

Then there are opinions which are just too broad to hold up: *Americans are too stupid to be ashamed. *

That said, I’ve noticed a lot of ignorance on display at the Dope in the last week, but enormous sensitivity too.

Americans are too stupid to be ashamed.

And you’re too stupid to be breathing the same air as the rest of us. Perhaps changing your username to StupidJackass, instead of AngryDonkey would be an appropriate move on your part. At least we would all be forewarned before opening a pathetic and unjustified rant such as this one.

Dammit, when are the Mods going to stop letting the e-mail address get new usernames?

You went out for lunch? You lazy, heartless reptile. I have been manning phones all week, and I would never think of abandoning my post to go out for lunch. You probably went out for French food, you amoral weakling.

I’ve been surviving on stale crackers and spray-can cheese since Wednesday. It’s nutritious, but I keep getting crumbs all over my sackcloth and ashes.

How about an address where I can ship these boxes of baby clothes and supplies to a survivor?

There are only about, oh, a few million of us who’re donating our money, time and/or supplies to try to help those poor souls.

Suggestion: Stay off the Yahoo messageboards, they’re aptly named.

Well, duh!

Give me a fucking break, I was blind from exhaustion after filling sandbags for 36 hours straight.

Yes, this’ll be the best prom ever.

Man, I’m with you here. Those folks at the Department of Blowing Hurricanes Back Out to Sea really dropped the ball on this one and I am pissed!

Let’s see.

Stupid? Check.

Pathetic fat loser who cares more about bankers than regular people? Check.

Racist? Check.

American? Check.

Dear god in heaven. :eek: It’s like you’ve known me my whole life. :eek:

Wait…nope. Never mind. You’re just a dumbass. Probably won’t even come back to the thread. Just thought you’d swing by the board, drop trou, and spray a whole bunch of assreek all over the place.

Happy Labor day to you to bucko.