America's Best Dance Crew - Season 5

Anyone still watching? If last season’s snoozefest drove you away, come back!

There’s not a single crap crew this season. (Well, there was Swagger Crew, who I’m sure are lovely and talented people who had a very bad night, but… it was VERY bad). My least favorite (I’m looking at you, Hype 5.0) don’t actually suck, they’re just out of their depth.

Blueprint Cru, Jungle Boogie, and Static Noise (yay Cambridge!) are all profoundly badass. Bonus clip of Week 1 Sudden Death. Static Noise are last. Wait for it. (It’ll also show you how bad Swagger Crew were. Poor kids.) Saltare amaze me.

Poreotix and Heavy Impact don’t impress me as much, but both crews are so freakin’ adorable they can stay around forever as far as I’m concerned.

The only bad thing about this season is Omarion. Every time he opens his mouth, I want to shove a fist in it. But oh well, that’s what DVR is for. Now I just fast forward through him AND Mario Lopez.

Seriously… I can’t be the only person watching this. Let’s give these kids some love!

Siiiiiiiiigh. I’m watching it, and although the crews are better than last year, I’m still unimpressed. I mean c’mon… season 3 had Quest Crew and they were phenomenal (and I give a nod to Beat Freaks).

My favorite, although I use that word loosely, is Jungle Boogie. But Blueprint Cru tore that Lady GaGa challenge up! If they keep that up they will move into my top spot.

As for Soltare, I really don’t think they belong there. I agree they kick major ass in jump rope but they can’t dance. They just jump rope extremely well.

I agree with you on Poreotix and Heavy Impact though.

It could be that I’m shallow (I mean, I’m definitely shallow, I’m just saying that might be what’s influencing me), but I’m finding this season tremendously entertaining, and that’s all I ask of this show. Last season was a black hole of charisma (I think I made it through the whole season without taking note of a single individual dancer’s name), and they’ve fixed that this season. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care about their tough lives and sob stories (this isn’t the Olympics, after all), but in each crew there are dancers that I find compelling to watch.

Rocky from Jungle Boogie is a force of nature. I can hardly tear my eyes away from Blueprint Crew’s Vince, that boy can move. Suzette and Enrique from Static Noise have smoothness and stealth power (and though I realize it’s not to everyone’s taste, I really enjoy their more eclectic style).

And Saltare, well… America’s Best Dance Crew? No. But neither were the skaters, or the cloggers, and I actually commend ABDC for giving them a platform for their sport/style of dance. Especially since of the three, Saltare entertain me the most.

Poreotix was my favorite in the beginning because of the performance to the Taylor Swift song. Unfortunately, their subsequent performances haven’t lived up to the standard that one set (imo anyway).

For now, i’m going to keep watching and hope they wow me again…