American Idol auditions 1/29

Oh boy, more auditions. I don’t know which city, but I’m looking forward to the usual blend of the good, mediocre, bad and downright wrong.

Tonight’s city is Omaha.
I’m still waiting for an auditioner who gives me goosebumps this season. So far, no one’s struck me as anything special.

Yeah, if I don’t fall in love with some performer in the next few weeks, I may not watch this year. But I’m having fun so far.

Yeah, I haven’t seen anyone great either. But remember - we don’t get to see everyone who made it to Hollywood, and the producers like to hold back a few with star potential from being seen on TV during the auditions so we’ll see something new during the Hollywood round.

I’m constantly surprised by how mediocre the contestants are for American Idol. Even during the later rounds. If I look back at all the other musical variety shows, like Rock Star Supernova, Next Great American Band, and America’s Got Talent, all of them have produced better artists than this show. Hell, there were probably five singers on “Rock Star Supernova” that were better performers and singers than anyone we saw on American Idol last year. Bianca Ryan at 12 years old was a better singer than any of the contestants on Idol in the past two or three years.

Maybe it’s just that the judging sucks, or that their contestant criteria is bad (limiting people to under 28? Why?), or the kind of market they’re trying to push these people into doesn’t lend itself to ‘exciting’ talent and is so saturated with the kind of singers they are looking for that no one stands out anymore. If you’re trying to make the next Mariah Carey or Christina Aguilera, and you’re using the same corporate songwiters they have, what’s the point? Unless the new singer is an order of magnitude better, there’s just no ‘wow’ factor. And the current crop of singing divas are already very, very good vocally. They’re just bland and boring in every other category. Do we really need more of them?

I enjoy the show, but I really wish they would promote other genres more. How about some really down-and-dirty blues singers? Or some hard rock guys?

I heard that this season they are going to allow people to use instruments. I haven’t seen any of that in the audition rounds, but I think it would make the show a lot better if they let people play and sing. An average singer who’s an astounding guitarist would be fantastic. Throw songwriting into the mix as well. American Idol should also be looking for the next Bob Dylan, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Billy Joel, or James Taylor.

If they did that, the show would be far more interesting. Given how Jordin Sparks’ album tanked this year, here’s hoping that they re-tool and change the format.

Sadly, I won’t be around to watch the auditions tonight, as I have a hockey game to go to.

I’m hoping no one comes along that really impresses me. Every time it happens, they’re booted from the top five or so. The dumbass voting system is a big problem.

Well, true confession time – I actually watch the Swedish version of Idol too when I can. So I can tell you that there have been instruments on their show.
At least two of the finalists from this year (2nd and 3rd place, IIRC) played guitar in their auditions:

Amanda Jensson audition (That’s Alright Mama)

Daniel “Danny K” Karlsson audition (Unchained Melody)

In 2006, there was also a night when some of the finalists played instruments:

Markus Fagervall on guitar (winner) – Don’t Look Back In Anger

Eric Segerstedt on piano(second place) – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door [sorry, couldn’t find the Idol performance, but here’s a live version]
There seem to have been quite a few people who sing and play in bands (and write their own music, but that hasn’t been performed). It definitely shows in their stage presence. Whether it adds anything? Well…can’t say for sure. I did like Danny K though; his version of Mika’s Grace Kelly was one of my favorites of the season.

Forgot another finalist audition this year: Sam Hagberth on guitar with Learning To Fly (Tom Petty) [playing starts about 35 seconds in]

You should be watching Dance War: Bruno vs Carrie Ann. They rounded up combination singer-dancers…so they got kids who can’t sing well enough for AI, and can’t dance well enough for So You Think You Can Dance.

Ugh. Already annoyed.

That has got to be the happiest loser ever.

Simon, those aren’t the next words. :smack:

Light up the nark. Doh.

I like Forgetful One. He’s cute and has a pleasant voice. I think that may be the highest praise I’ve given anybody yet.

Arm-wrestling Girl was okay, I guess. She doesn’t look like she’s 23 though.

How many blonde, pap country singers are they going to put through? I’m glad Randy finally called one of them on that stupid, affected yodel they always do. That grates on my nerves like sandpaper.

So far, this is the most bland, insipid, nutless roster of contestants I can ever remember seeing on this show and that’s saying something. They’re turning it into Nashville Star.

Who thinks Ryan complained about not enough face time?

Nora Jones girl was kind of weak. That was more mimickry than singing.

Hah. Less is more with Ryan. Go away, Ryan.

I wish they’d can it with the boo hoo back stories. I don’t give a shit and it has nothing to do with their abilities. It’s like watching Olympic Figure Skating.