America's Next Top Model Finale- 12/06

I know we don’t have enough people cool enough to like ANTM to keep a weekly thread alive, but I figured since it’s the finale…
So- who do you want to win? What do you think of the final three? Who do you think was robbed? How much do you currently hate Tyra? Do you think Eugena made it this far because she’s black or for some other reason? How hilarious will the My Life as a Cover Girl commercials be next “cycle”?

I love ANTM! I’ve been waiting for someone to start a thread on this show - there is so much fodder for this kind of message board that I cannot believe you are the first person I’ve noticed to start a thread.

In any event, I want Caridee to win. I think she is the prettiest by far. Melrose has grown on me in the sense that she really seems to work well with the people she encounters on the various challenges, however I do not think the judges like her enough to name her the winner. I think Eugena is pretty but she hasn’t performed as consistently as the other two. Plus, she looks almost exactly like Danielle - when is the pretty, wholesome blonde going to win? They keep wanting someone edgy but they always put decidedly non-edgy women in the finals.

On a side note, have you ever seen any of the former winners on anything other than My Fair Brady? I don’t read that many fashion magazines but I think I read enough to know that I don’t ever recognize a former winner.

Who was one of the runners-up from the first cycle? Elyse? I’ve read somewhere that she’s actually enjoying a fairly successful modeling career in Hong Kong. She always was my favorite.

I’m rooting for Caridee as well. I can’t understand why Eugena is still in the running.

[spoiler]OK, I’m so happy for Caridee, but man am I shocked! Melrose totally pwned her on the runway! I think Caridee won strictly because of her personality and the viewing audience’s preferences. No one wants the “bitch” to win.

I didn’t care for the Melrose we were shown (I suspect her evilness was all in the editing), but I thought she was a great model. I don’t think she’ll have any problem finding work. [/spoiler]

For previous cycles, I’ve always had a clear favorite, usually about halfway into the season. This time, I’m still not sure who I wanted to win. To me, all of the them came off as unlikeable, annoying, or unfit for the job in some way. Melrose is a bitch. CariDee is crazy and out of control. Eugena looks like she coats her face in Botox every morning…no expression at all.

Oh well. As others have said, we probably won’t be seeing any of them after tonight.


CariDee all the way! I really expected her to do better on the runway than she did. but I’m glad they finally looked at some of Melrose’s pictures and said, “eh… these are actually not as great as we originally said they were.”

In my last post, I meant to respond to SurrenderDorothy about how much I hate Tyra. I don’t know that “hate” is the right word - I think I just feel embarrassed for her. I guess once you get rich and famous, you can act like a complete idiot on your own show and no one is going to say anything. Her whole “diva” act a few episodes back was awful - I had to mute the TV because her screeching was unbearable. And then the episode last week when she tried to dance with Miss Jay - did she really think she was convincing us she could dance because it was quite obvious that she looked like a total ass.

The other thing that I cannot get over is her wardrobe. Who dresses this woman? It’s not so much that the clothes are hideous but they make Tyra look awful. She’s admitted that she’s let herself gain weight now that she’s famous but it’s like she’s still trying to cram herself into a size 2.

I loved how Melrose glommed on to Caridee and Eugena’s farewell hug; I almost wished they had pushed her away when it was so obvious she threw herself around them.

I have to say I hate Miss Jay much more than Tyra. But she is showing off those authentic 100% natural boobs to good effect. :rolleyes:

I agree. He used to have something worthwhile to contribute. He really can coax an excellent walk out of a girl. But, now he’s just an over-blown version of the crazy gay man.

Yeah, when he came out in the black dress I had enough. It’s one thing if he goofs around for just their show, but other people in the audience had to sit through that. I’m hoping it was clever editing and that it didn’t really happen that way!

Audience? I saw no audience. I saw the judges, and a bunch of extras carrying candles.

That was the worst final three ever. CariDee is a trashier, less mentally healthy Joanie, Eugena is a lobotomized Danielle in need of a ProActiv intervention, and Melrose’s presence was just as ridiculous as Jade’s last year, given that they’re both 47 years old, and look like they lived every day of it hard.

This season was seriously lackluster. Most of the “models” were bland, Twiggy is boring, Miss Jay is best in small doses, the photoshoots were ridiculous, and the challenges were dull. Tyra needs to get her ass *behind * the scenes once in a while. If she so much as watched the dailies, she would realize that her show really does need some writers, and that her wardrobe and makeup people clearly hate her.