Among Us: anyone playing

Among us is a free game that I have as an app. It’s also on Steam. For those of you who don’t know in the game a small group of space travelers are on a ship where things are going wrong. The crew has to run around and fix things. At the same time an imposter or two is onboard trying to muck things up. The goal is to find the imposter.

It seems like it should be a fun little game. Many certainly think so. It’s currently spawning a million memes. So far I have yet to play a decent game and I’m about to give up completely. There is the option to have local games so you can do it with a bunch of friends. I don’t have a group that plays it. I try to join public games. Every time an emergency meeting is called in 15 seconds. Random guesses are made and thats it. No strategy. No fun.

Any one else playing?

Is it a space-themed version of the “Mafia” game?

I’ve never played Mafia but I guess it is thematically similar. You are a cute little guy in a space suit that runs around a ship. It’s all visual which I’m assuming Mafia is not.

Yes, essentially. Informed minority vs. uninformed majority.

I’m not playing it but caught a video when it exploded in popularity recently.

I’ve played about 20 games of it, and I love it. I’ve twice been selected as the Imposter-- once solo and once as part of a trio. Got caught pretty quickly as a solo player, not knowing what the hell I was doing. Won as part of the trio.

Usually I’m on the winning side, but this most recent game I played, a 10-player game, I was one of the Teammates and it came down to me, one other Teammate, and the Imposter. I’d completed all my tasks early so I wandered the ship looking for bodies and evidence before I got accused by the other two people. I protested my innocence to no avail, got blown out the airlock, and we lost.

Fun game! My sister got me into it, and we’re gonna play together tomorrow for the first time.

That’s the kind of experience I would like. Instead I get what I said in the OP. 2 minute games if lucky. No tasks completed. Just random votes for anyone without any evidence.

It’s a ton of fun, especially playing with an entire group of like-minded players. My group plays with all discussion taking place over Discord, only during the “meeting” sessions, no speaking during play. It’s a BLAST.

My sister and I have been playing together for at least an hour every night after she gets off of work, for the last three days. We’ve been having a blast.

In a game that she wasn’t involved in, I was the Impostor right before church. No one ever suspected me. I even managed to kill someone right in front of Blue and pin it on Blue.

I’m thinking that’s the only way to do it. Doing random games with strangers is no fun.

Ugh, last night my sister got home and I said I was tired, so we’d play one game and just one game.

I should’ve been more flexible. Someone hacked it so that all the crewmates finished their tasks when he pushed a button, and when someone found a dead body, the Impostor was kicked off the ship immediately. The entire game couldn’t have lasted more than two minutes.

I hate hackers. They make the game no fun for anybody, and they don’t even have any incentive to do so.

Yeah, I am playing this and the quality of random players on the internet is actually a bit better than I’ve seen in other games, but still not good. I’d be totally up for playing with you guys some evening.

Something funny happened when I was playing with a rookie yesterday: In our first meeting, he asked, “Why’s my name red?”

He got voted off. He wasn’t joking.

I haven’t played this yet, but intend to at some point with work colleague gamers.

If you like this sort of thing, come and play Mafia with us on Giraffe Boards! It’s entirely text based so the pace is much slower, but that means you can participate as much or as little as you want, when you want. New players are always welcome and welcomed.