Amusing (to me, at least) birthday stuff

So I turn 60 today. Which means I was born in 1960 - which makes this kinda my golden birthday. Then, I open this morning’s Chicago Trib, and the predicted high for today is — you guessed it! Triple golden, baby! Sign of the beast x10!

I always was aware of the fact that I didn’t share my b-day w/ anyone really famous. Bo Derek, I think. But then, my SIL texted me to let me know I have the same birthday as our presumptive president-elect!

Just saying, all that was enough to put a smile on this old grump’s face!

Carry on. I expect this thread to sink into oblivion. Just that I never hesitate to share my gripes w/ you all - I thought I’d take advantage of sharing a rare occasion that I’m NOT pissed off about something. But I’m sure that will pass. The day is young… :wink:

Happy birthday there.

Happy birthday you. In honour of this, I name today Number of the Decabeast: 60-60-60.

I like it! :smiley:

Damn - it really shouldn’t feel so unusual to actually be in a good mood. I’ll attribute at least a portion of it to this horrible year, rather than just my innate ill-nature!

Hey, happy birthday! Today’s my birthday too, although I’m a bit younger. I was born 2 days before JFK’s assassination. It’s kind of a morbid “landmark” in my life. LOL!

Ooh - ANOTHER famous person I share a b-day w/!

Felicitations to you!

So you can’t be ruled out you say. Easy for a baby to hide behind the grassy knoll…

updates conspiracy board with more yarn

My bank here in China sent me this message:

Dear Mr. MONTY, November 20th is your birthday. All the staff of the Bank wish you a happy birthday, good health and a happy life!

Like I didn’t know it’s my birthday.

Man - the 3 Amigos!
Any more cool Scorpios born on the cusp?

Lol, yep it was totally me! The statute of limitations has expired so now I can safely admit it. :smiley:

Cool, I turn 50 today.

Happy Birthday, Dins, JcWoman, echoreply and Monty!



So, like, did you go buy lottery tickets?

The 20th was a milestone birthday for my (not famous) wife. Though not her 60th. You’re in good company though.

Cool Scorpio here born on the OTHER cusp (Oct 23). We cusp people are often complex, being almost in another sign, but complex is good, right? Anyway happy b’day to all you other-cuspers.