An Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter wtf

The previews show him twirling the damn axe around before striking. I don’t know what demo that sort of action is supposed to appeal to, but I’m know I’m not in it. It just looks stupid. Movie sword fighters do a similar move. Has any sword (or axe) fighter in the history of the world ever twirled their weapon around in the heat of battle? :confused:

Noooo, I was certain ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ would be COMMITTED TO REALISM!

Is the preview online somewhere, so we can see this move that breaks your suspension of disbelief in a trailer for a movie about Abraham Lincoln fighting vampires? :smiley:

More seriously, it depends somewhat on exactly what you mean by “twirling”. There are movements in my sword style that might look like I’m twirling the blade–in reality, they’re moves designed to bring a weapon in from odd and unexpected angles or to quickly recover a guard position. (There’s also a maneuver I do while dual-wielding that serves no purpose whatsoever but to intimidate the hell out of noobs, but that I would never use while actually engaged.)

I suppose with an end-heavy weapon like an axe, you might also–if you have the improbable luxury of time in the middle of a fight–employ rotational motion to add a bit of extra momentum, sort of like using a flail.

Here. Plenty of twirling throughout.

I really have no opinion of note of the whole spinning-twirley issue, but I think it’s cool as hell to say that you have a “sword style”.

You win one internets.

It’s widely documented that Theodore Roosevelt used to spin his twin sledgehammers like that when hunting werewolves. I guess that’s not a sword or axe though so it doesn’t count.

There’s a certain amount of impractical showing off done with weapons that has no place in actual combat. Six gun twirling and butterfly knife (bali-song) antics are two examples. Those things show up in cowboy flicks and chop-sockey movies, so I don’t see why Abe shouldn’t be depicted twirling his axe.

Thanks for the link Alessan, now I know when it’s coming out.

Judging by the trailer I’d say it’s just movie showboating. Works for me!

Axes, no. Daggers, sure, all the time. Depends on your fight coordinator, really; besides, killing vampires with knives is nowhere near as cool as axes. Besides, there was that whole cherry tree thing to link back to.

I am so there.

Rail-splitting. It was Geo Washington who cut down the cherry tree. If we wanted realism, I guess Abe should have a splitting maul, not an axe.

I, too, am so there.

I sense sarcasm in your post… are you trying to teling me this isn’t a historical documentary?

<scratches out of must see movies list>

Wasn’t the cherry tree thing George Washington?

Yep…he did it with his perfect hands. :wink:

I’m sort of looking forward to the movie…the book was actually good, IMO.

Strike 1: axe twirling.
Strike 2: bouncing off the wall. :rolleyes:

Okay:rolleyes:…what, exactly, would you rather see in order for this to be more “realistic?”

So, John Wilkes Booth was not only a male model and confederate sympathizer? He was also a vampire sympathizer? :slight_smile:

But not a porn star.
I have neither read the book nor seen the movie so I don’t think any of that is spoiler-ish. Pure speculation.

Strike 3 - Abraham Lincoln is a Vampire Hunter

Ok, I may go see it, just for grins.

Warning, this really is a book (and presumably movie) spoiler. Don’t read it if you don’t want to know a couple big plot points and reveals.

Good guess, which means it is spoiler-ish. Booth was actually a vampire and the Confederacy was largely supported by vampires and sympathizers so slaves could be used as vampire food. The vampires try to assassinate Lincoln several times.

You jest, but I am currently reading the book and I have actually had this feeling - like, Oh, poo, I thought it would stick to accepted facts more. And then I’m all “I’m reading ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER, what did I expect?”