An accented MMP

Evenin’ Y’all! Feelin’ more human now. Sinuses are a bit less swollen. I think I shall sleep sans ceilin’ fan tonight as I feel that might have aggravated things. I made BLTs and fries for dindin. Quick, easy, yum!

Death to all fire ants! Skeeters too!

That’s a guaranteed nose-plugger for me. Was a bit of a battled between me and DH and a ceiling fan for the bedroom. We compromised by putting a fan in the other half of the room where the bed is not. (This room is silly big. McMansion with a tray ceiling big. Don’t look at me - we rented the place from across the country based on about 8 photos.)

Now we just need to settle the Air Conditioning Acrimony and Thermostat Wars. I’m comfortable at 73, but he cranks it down to 70. Brrr…

Dinner was a dead-easy chicken and rice. the original recipe is one cup of rice* one cup water and 2 cans cream-of-_____ soup. The old standard is c-o-mushroom, but c-o-chicken works well, or even c-o-broccoli. Mix that together in a 9x13 pan then lay on chicken parts. Season the chicken (I usually use lemon pepper and salt) and bake at 350 for 75 minutes.

  • You need a “normal” rice like Uncle Ben’s Converted. Do not use instant unless you want savory rice pudding, and Calrose / Japanese type rice will come out crunchy. I don’t know that instant would really result in something like rice pudding - it would probably just make gloop.

I normally use nothing but Hinode Calrose at home, but this dish is the only thing I buy Uncle Ben’s for. The only other refinement to the recipe that I do is to lop off the globs of fat that are usually left on thighs these days and to cut off the tails. Otherwise, when it’s done cooking, you’ll have a quarter-inch layer of liquid chicken fat on top of the rice.


This Saturday is the little girl’s bat mitzvah! It seems like just yesterday I was writing about the boy’s bar mitzvah. I can’t believe it is almost here!

So much left to do! I hate these last minute details- I could never ever be an event planner. But it will be a lot fun, once we get past the service, with all the stress of that! Her party theme is Broadway. Very cool.

I guess I don’t have an accent. If I spend too much time around people with say a Southern or British accent, I start to pick it up. It was worse when I was younger, but I don’t do it quite as much now.

I’ve got dinner in the oven, and most of the meds for today in my dog. All that’s left for today is the ear drops, but I had to wash his ear out first and I need to let it dry for about 30 minutes or so.

Although I know that differentiated accents are melting away, it makes me sad. I really like being able to hear where someone is from.

Seems like I know more people who were born in the U.S. South who have tried to escape their accents. One of the guys I knew in college was a broadcaster and went to Michigan State to learn how to speak broadcast English. And one of my closest graduate school friends was from somewhere in Arkansas and apparently had a really really strong accent when she first moved to Michigan. She resolved to standardize her accent when her freshman roommate fell out of her bed laughing at something she’d said.

Me? I’ve been asked where I’m from, with guesses ranging from Finland to Japan (although I think the latter was more looks-based). If you listen really closely, you can tell that Spanish was my first language (my z’s sound just a smidgen too close to s’s). Lord only knows what Germany, Michigan and Central Ohio have contributed. :smiley:

Dead-easy chicken and rice has been added to the blog. Kinda similar to Death Chicken, actually.

I think it may have been just yesterday that you were telling us about your son’s bar mitzvah, Soapy. Will your daughter be singing at her party?

We had lots of rain this morning, then sun, then clouds, then sun again. Brother and I spent a little over an hour in the garden weeding. Also, I transplanted a few more plants. Irises are starting to look quite pretty. There’s also baptisia, some anemones, and the beginnings of some catmint. Also, my earliest daylilies have started blooming. First blossom was a week ago.

Guess I’ll go surf a bit more and maybe knit some. Oh…and I need to go check laundry.



There will always be Paula Deen

I wish I had an accent myself. :slight_smile: I think accents that don’t fit the “broadcaster standard” are lovely - although sometimes when we’re in Belfast I have to discreetly ask the boyfriend to translate.

In other news, the government tells me I need to pay almost a grand in taxes. Jeeesus Christ.

Chicken divan for dinner tonight, I think. Canned mushroom soup, nothing fancy. Can’t be bothered.

While studying theatre in college, I developed an ear and a talent for mimicking all sorts of accents. At one point I had to do a brogue for a character; to get it perfect, I used it during the whole 6 week rehearsal and performance process. The following semester, I worked closely in the control booth with a classmate I’d met while perfecting the brogue - he wondered where my accent had gone - he believed I was Black Irish.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’ YAWN 'Tis <snerk> 69 <snerk> degrees Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 98 and hyooooooomid! Can we say Summer?

gotti GMTA and all that stuff! That’s my chikin 'n rice recipe! I don’t use minute rice cause it is teh evil. Real rice does not take that long to cook! I shall not get on my rice rant however.

I do believe the ceilin’ fan was at least partly the culprit. I feel much better this mornin’ after not sleepin’ under it last night. Mystery partially solved! I’m still sinusy but not achy sinusy like yestiddy.

Ok, now I need me some more caffiene and rumbly tummy demands to be fed. Then, irk purtification commences!

Happy Tuesday Y’all!



I got nuthin.

Speaking of accents, yesterday I was reading a thread on Mel Gibson’s new movie, The Beaver, and wandered over to his online bio. I’d always assumed he was from Australia, what with his accent, Mad Max, Gallipoli, etc. Mel’s a New Yorker, moved down under later and only developed an Australian accent when his classmates teased him about it. Or would that be aboot it?

Ah have a Texas accent, so Ah’m told. Ah don’t hear it in myself, naturally. Except when ah say “pie” - my husband (the yankee from Ohio) teases me unmercifully when I say “pah.” Ah can hear it then. The other day this guy at work made fun of my accent too, and he’s from Texas himself!

We are a global company, and have many teleconferences and web-exes with Aberdeen, Scotland. Now there’s an accent!

Ah’m fixin’ ta git back to work, now…


ps: I’m with you on the minute rice=teh evil, Swampy.

I don’t have an aksent, it’s y’all who do.

I also don’t have to pay more taxes to Unca Patxi (maybe I should say Auntie Yolanda now, the results from Sunday’s election give us this Region’s first female Prez unless someone manages to do something very strange), I’ll be getting a size=1 return instead. It’s so nice to know that what I have in the bank is what I actually have, you know?

That job on which I’m expecting an answer is in Ms Prez’ birthplace, Mom says we’re just running an exchange: Yolanda organizes things here, I go organize them there.

Howdy Y’all! At da cave for a bit. I came by to get some N.O.L., chikin sallit and crackers. YUM! Also decided to sneak in a post.

Yay on tax return Nava. Hey, better than payin’, right? :smiley:

Ok, gotta get outta heah and back to irk. I have home visits to make.

Later Y’all!

I was raised in Flaw-duh (Florida), but got out of there when I was 19 and never went back unless I had to. If I have any kind of accent it’s a West Coast one, whatever that might be, but sometimes when i get real tired I get a little Suthern.
When I go to Michigan and spend time with my cousins though, I come home sounding like Garrison Keillor.

I got one of those diet cookbooks once, (it’s still here somewhere), that every recipe that uesd rice called for instant rice. I even got a box of instant rice to try one or two of them. Meh. Instant rice just isn’t good for much. We could probably do an entire MMP just talking about rice. I like long-grain white, mostly, or brown rice when we’re trying to eat healthy. We’ve got a container of very expensive Arborio rice for making risotto, but I bet we coulda used medium-grain white rice instead.

We could also do an MMP about the dumb things we let those FoodTV people talk us into, like smoked paprika. I bought some, expecting some kinda unearthly goodness would ensue iffwn I sprinkled it on somethin. It didn’t. Tastes kinda like bacon salt, i.e. chemically.

I had a horrid day yesterday, which I won’t relate 'cause I don’t want to write a novella just now, but suffice it to say, it’s continueing today. I gotta go call Frontier now about this stupid battery in this box that Verizon installed when they put in FIOS to our house. It’s supposed to be a battery backup for something, which means it’s only supposed to get used when there’s a power outage. So how come the battery needs to be replaced? For $46.00! It never even gets used!

Also you’ll be glad to know that I’m finally gonna plant our new tomato plants.
If it stops raining. The weathermen all said it would be sunny today. I’m waiting.


I know I posted. I did post. What happened?

LiLi, perhaps your post was raptured.


I’m at work. Don’t wanna be.

**Haze **- I meant to ask - do you speak Korean with an American accent?

Home - day 9 of 12 day work week is done. I went by the networking fair and put my resume in the hands of two folks, but, alas, there was no one there from the structural or mechanical engineering groups. They were looking for electronics engineers and program managers. So I may not hear anything back. They also pointed me to their on-line application site, which, it turns out, I’d already dumped into. That doesn’t bode well, as I never heard back the last time I applied. I suspect they’re looking for considerably more junior folks to hire. My age may do me in yet. Oh well. I can always retire, I suppose, and go to work for **FCD **as a draftsman.

Supper will be built around a ham steak. Something easy because I don’t feel like cooking and it’s too hot to turn the oven on. I’m thinking smashed N.O.T. and some sort of vegetable matter, and pineapple, because that’s always good with ham.

C’mon, Firday!!! That is all.

MOOOOOM GMTA! Ham Steaks for dindin here too! Sides will be broccoli rice (Uncle Ben’s) and lima beans. Quick and easy cause like you said, it’s too hawt to heat up the kitchen.

That’s all I got for now. Gotta get dindin made!