An accented MMP

Since it’s now past 0700 East Coast time and no new MMP has shown up, I hereby volunteer to start one. If I’ve walked over someone’s planned entry, tough tuna, my withdrawal symptoms are a bitch.

I saw the following news item this past weekend. This is an emergency, I do declay-uh!

As always, discuss, then carry on.

First! Woot!

I have a very accent-less accent, I was born and raised in the south east of England (the Home Counties) so mine is more the classic “BBC English” which I do have to work at keeping. My mother says that she can hear a bit of Brummie creeping in there but I’ve told her I don’t live close enough to Birmingham for that, it’s more likely to be Black Country or shudder our local “Yam Yam” accent.

Very cold and windy day today, I’m not enjoying it at all. I have to venture out later to go and post something and deliver some exam papers for marking. Eeek!

I think we could first get rid of the Bronx accent before we tackle the Southern one! The Bronx one is the stuff of nightmares.

Any time I’m running short on accent I just head down to the Piggly Wiggly and get mahself a fresh heapin’ helpin’.

I have the classic American accentless accent that marks me from nowhere in particular. Although whenever I go over to the UK during the summer - it’s not so much my accent that changes, but my intonation. It’s weird.

My Irish boyfriend says he wishes I had a Southern accent. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Da bear is at home cause his sinuses ache big time. I feel like my haid is in a fog so I decided to just stay in da cave. 'Tis already a balmy 78 degrees Amurrkin with a high predicted of around 98, so inside in the a/c is the place to be! Think I might just take me some Benadryl[sup]TM[/sup] and zonk for a little while.

Ok, gasp, surprise and :eek: somebody else figured out accents change over time. I do have a distinct southern Amurrkin accent. I know it’s different from decades past, cause, well, accents, language, etc change over time! You ain’t told us nuttin’ we don’t know article writer.

lieu I don’t do that accent. :smiley:

ETA: BBBobbio if yer tuna’s tough, then it’s probably past the time when it should be eaten. Just sayin’…

As Tom Lehrer said:

h ttp://

(basically safe for work but we are talking about the South after all)

Haze, A lady I know - very attractive lady also, is the daughter of a US Marine, and his Korean wife. She takes 90% of her looks from her mom. But she was raised in Kentucky and still has a very strong southern accent. It’s pretty disarming the first time you talk to her, but speaking as a male, I have to say that I fully support the Irish Boyfriend’s desires! :wink:

Staying in from the gym today, hope the soccer moms can last a day without me. I have some laptop work to do - got a couple really strong interests on the job front so I’ll be putting things together for them. I’m also helping a friend with her resume.

Later maybe a nice long ride, I haven’t pulled the bike down off the garage wall this year yet.

Also later I’ll post some of the bird nest pictures, kind of in the hoping that someone can tell me what kind of bird this is. It looks pigeon-like, but smaller and out here in the sticks, we don’t get pigeons so much. When I’d heard it before I saw it, it sounded like a dove. And it has the same kind of look but it’s mostly grey.

I don’t have an accent that I’m aware of, but I do tend to pick up inflections from the people I’m around. It’s a natural mimicry that I’ve had all my life. I remember being in a military club with a bunch of guys, most of whom were from either the south or the Montana/Wyoming area. I went up to the bar to get another beer, and the bartender started flirting with me (this is back when I was flirtable). Then she says: “You have the cutest accent; where are y’all from, the South somewhere?” I was startled by this and answered: “Yeah, Southeast Alaska.” She wasn’t amused.

I know I have a bit of a Texas drawl, having lived most of my life there, in Georgia and Florida. My kid though, despite having lived her entire life in the south and never having ventured north of Denver sounds like she was born and raised in Boston, I mean a THICK, noticeable accent. Go figger. She and I even have contests to see who can eat the most baked beans.

I’ve held onto a little bit of the Ohio accent - mostly just ‘warsh’’ but like Chefguy I tend to pick up other’s verbal quirks, So if I’m around my aunt or grandparents I overuse double negatives and other rednecky things.

The nappy poo helped. Haid is not as hurty now. I had a pimento cheese sammich and a glass of milk for lunch. That was a fav when I was a wee cub. Tasted good today too! :smiley:

Fire ant update: I took a baby-food jar of daid ants to the County Agent on Firday for formal identification. However, at the risk of invoking the Maury Povich Curse*, I am 1000% that there are fire ants in the yahd at VunderLair Mk II. I had a lot of fun collecting my sample.

  1. stir up the nest to get them swarming;

  2. liberally spray bug killer on the swarmers, and wait until they are daid;

  3. use a paint brush to sweep some into a collection vessel, and seal tight;

  4. ???

  5. Profit!!!

VWife 's sting sites now have the little zit-like pustule heads on them, which is the tell-tale of a fire ant encounter.

I’ve now poisoned the planter, and a second nest found in a rotting tree stump about 20 feet away. I luuurrrrrves me some fire ant mass murder.

  • The Maury Povich Curse: Some welfare babe goes on his show to have some loser guy DNA tested to prove he is the baby daddy, and she’s some value greater than 100% sure he’s the one. Whenever she is more than 100% sure, invariably he’s not.

FTR, I’m not a loser, a welfare babe, nor did any of my DNA have anything to do with the ant colonies.

I had a Charlotte accent mixed with New Jersey growing up. When I went to college in 98, I picked up a Down East accent after a couple of months, enough that Older Sister’s Best Friend commented on it when I ran into her at the store on fall break. Now that I live in the mountains, I’m getting a serious Mountain Accent. Not quite Brad Pitt in Inglourious Basterds, but close. Although it changes depending on who I’m talking to–when I’m talking to the housekeepers at work, I mimic their accent naturally. I’m not the only one either. I noticed Big Boss doing it the other day.

I made strawberry jam today and it came out great. :smiley: Culinary Boy is much impressed. I have six jars–three are give-aways and three are keepers. Next I will make blackberry jam when those come into season. If I can get enough grapes and money for gas to get to Dad’s house to pick up the Foley mill, there will be grape jelly.

(Good lord, those things are $60 now? I’m so glad my dad’s house is my vintage kitchen store–my mom had all this stuff and I can get it for free. Like my 1960’s era cast iron KitchenAid mixer made by Hobart. They don’t make mixers anymore. Mine works like a dream to this day.)

They often seek out raised areas, those less affected by rain or sprinklers. I’ve found them at the curb edge, next to tree stumps, in clumping, tossock style grasses and especially in raised beds and containers. The wheels on their suckbus go round n’ round.

Doing good today. I skipped work primarily because I didn’t want to get dressed yet (my boss is okay with me playing hooky because she doesn’t have much work for me.)

  • picked up my room including putting all my hats away and making my bed
  • paid my bills
  • posted a mockup of my new portfolio to a graphics forum to get critique
  • gave money to Red Cross
  • balanced my check book. Well, my checkbook says I have about $20 more than the bank does, which is not the direction I like it to go, but at least everything is entered.
  • finally unpacked my white elephant box
  • did some random research for later projects

And I haven’t even gotten dressed yet!

Right now I’m waiting for Rudy the Roomba to finish so I can watch tv while I draw. Until then I’m going to pick up around my computer because it’s gotten cluttered again.

It is a Morning Dove. I looked them up and not only are the pictures a perfect match to ours, but the description of their call is dead on.

Pics to come.

Tell the Vunderwife to keep an eye on the bites. My husband got bitten a few years ago, didn’t HP it and ended up with a big ol’ nasty bump that had to get lanced at the emergency room.

Despite having grown up in Baltimore, I do not have the Bawlmer accent. I can do some of it, but I can’t do the Balwmer “o” sound, even tho my cousin does and I heard it all the time growing up. I think I have a generic, non-specific way of speaking.

Southern Merrylande has some unique pronounciations, I’ve noticed. I doubt that I’ll pick it up, tho. Unless I do it deliberately, I can’t affect any regionalism. Just boring and generic - that’s me.

Day 8 of my 12 day work week is done. I came home and did some push mowing, leaving some for Daughter to do because I was just pooped out. Then I got on the riding mower, only to have it die as I was about to make my last pass. My sweetie came home, listened to it not start, and figured it out - fuel starvation. Turns out the fuel tank vent was clogged and it restricted fuel flow. It’s fine now. Yay!

Daughter and I put the cover back on the truck. We had sloppy joes for supper - muy yum. I watered my flower boxes and provided a feast for skeeters. Stoopit skeeters. Now I’m trying to relax and cool down. The house is closed and the air is on. It’s not supposed to be this hot this early. Near 90 tomorrow. I am not pleased. :frowning:

I have to iron a twinset - tomorrow is a networking fair and I intend to pass my resume to the NAVAIR folks - we’ll see if it means anything. Other than that, I’m doing nothing tonight. I finished the blue afghan and I don’t feel like starting another one just yet. I want to sleep…

I have what is generally known in the UK as a Geordie accent but it is toned down slightly. I can do the full on slang but my mam and dad didn’t want my sister and I talking like that so we have the accent/inflection/speed but not the slang in everyday speech.

When I first met mr ems (a Texan) he couldn’t understand a word I said as I talked to fast and when we go home to visit my family he struggles to understand everyone because we talk to quickly. He on the other hand can take 3 days to finish a sentence :smiley: But I do love me some southern drawl in a man’s speech now.

In other news still hating the new job. In other other news I am out of town travelling again so I am thinking Cajun food for dinner of the Crawfish etoufee variety.