A MMP for the last week of June

So, I get this e-mail. Sixteen Doberman Pinschers were confiscated from a breeder in New Mexico who kept them shoe-horned in doggie crates in violation of a bunch of local ordinances. Local TV news report: http://www.KOB.com/article/stories/S2666767.shtml?cat=500&v=1

New Mexico Doberman Rescue is trying to help these dogs The rescue group for which I volunteer has offered to take two of them (maybe three). I may be fostering one of them. All the rescue groups were already overwhelmed by the numbers of dogs needing help–the summer pet-dumping season is in full swing–and then this happened. :frowning:

Someone on the video comments about breeders who once were better but now aren’t doing things the right way. In his pedigree, the breeder’s favorite stud dog has one of the top show Dobermans ever and dogs from a highly respected kennel. How did this happen? Breeders need to be very careful not only about to whom they sell dogs, but also be extremely selective in choosing which bitches they allow their studs to service.

Pix of thirteen of the Dobes: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.390156717707558.88010.309813849075179&type=1 (The other three are hospitalized.)

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. YAWN 'Tis 74 Amurrkin out and rainy. Today’s high is predicted to be 87 and rainy. We have feeder bands from TS Debby or whatever she is at the moment. I hope it keeps up for a while.

Sam (I think Toucan Sam from Froot Loops commercials) that’s awful. I am not fond of Dobermans but still no animal deserves to be treated that way. Glad there’s a rescue effort underway.

Ok, that’s all I got for now. I need more caffiene and rumbly tummy wants to be fed. Then, alas, irk purtification must commence. 'Tis Monday. Sigh.

Oh well, Happy Monday Y’all!

ETA: First!

Good morning! I came here planning to start this week’s MMP, but like I said yesterday, my idea is timeless, so I can save it for another Monday…

Big plan for today is taking our truck to the dealer to get a recall taken care of. My appointment is at 8 and he tells me it should take 30-45 minutes. After that exciting interlude, I’ll be running by the grocery store since we’re out of milk and a bunch of other stuff. Then, if the rain holds off, I’ll be emptying the truck. We were both too exhausted yesterday.

Rumor has it we’ll get some rain this morning. Maybe. And this evening. Maybe.

Non-rumor has it if I see that **(#&$)(%^&@#* squirrel on my deck again today eating my other almost-ripe cherry tomato, it’s gonna get ugly! The little stinker was sitting there bold as brass noshing on my crop. Bad enough he’s helped himself to the few blackberries that have ripened and his cohorts have been digging up spots of my struggling front lawn… Stoopit squirrels.

Time to find some breakfast. There are no more hard boiled eggs, no milk, and no sweets. Guess that’s why I’m running to the grocery. Maybe I’ll start with a quick stop at the WaWa for a breakfast sammich and a big sody-pop.

Happy Monday!! Especially happy because I don’t have to wax a boat today! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oh noes! Skwerls eating your maters, Mooooooom? I have it on good authority that the little bastiges are susceptible to subsonic transcutaneous lead poisoning…


Sam, I did my time with Boxer rescue. Lots of stories, lots of good dogs, a few bad ones, and an over-arching desire to throttle my wife are what I have to show for it.

Up, caffeinated, off to irk.

Good luck if you get to foster one, Sam.

MMMMOOOOOOOOOm!, I have rabbits living next to the apartment pool.

One of the nicest dogs I’ve known was a Dobie who was loved it when her owners’ customers would pat her (there was a divided door the Dobie could look over).

I’m considering killing my mother, but that’s business as usual. She told me my brother et co would be visiting Grandma and “will bring food for themselves but not for her”. I decided to check what time they’d arrive and who’s been eating the wrong kind of shrooms, before informing Grandma: they are bringing food from Grandma’s usual supplier, for everybody and making sure there’s extra. Evidently, it’s Mom who needs to stop having her pills by the fistful.

Vacation over, back to work. Got bumped to early schedule (for me) and I get to work both days next weekend, which doesn’t bother me that much what with the surprise $1350 bill I got.

I had a nice extended stay with my kids, really the first time I have had them for more than 2 days in over 4 years. I’ll get them for 2 weeks in another month. For me what is nice is the total lack of drama, problems, anything. We all just immediately settle into normal with each other, pure bliss. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

We started the vacation with boating, fishing, going hard. It ended with exhaustion, tv watching, computer playing, lying around raiding the fridge - you know, happy shit!

Having spent the last four years dealing with angst, anger, unhappiness… nothing could have been better medicine for the soul.

So yeah, Happy Fuckin Monday Y’all!!!

Weekend is over, Mr. Lissar is home today, I may live. That was the longest unfun weekend I’ve ever had.

Awww, LiLi, some day you’ll look back on that weekend with longing - you know, the day your kids come home with obscene tattoos and shady SOs and they eat all your food and drink all your liquor. So savor these moments…


Sorry. I’m ashamed of myself. What a terrible thing to say.


Glad Mr. L is home. Is it your turn to go away now, and leave him to deal with the menagerie?? Fair is fair, you know…

I got my breakfast sammich, and in 20 minutes or so, I’ll head down to the dealership to get my truck’s recall taken care of. In the meantime, I should probably work up a shopping list. And pack some knitting to keep me occupied while waiting for my truck. **BBBobbio **can attest that there’s not a lot to keep a body occupied in “downtown” Leonardtown. :smiley:

Leonardtown is the big city compared to the former Cottonfield County.

So, BBBobbio you’re sayin’ Leonardtown is like Pixley? :smiley:

It’s gray, dreary, and icky out. So natch I shall have to be out in it all. Rah. For now it’s all quiet on the irk front. That shall change I am sure.

Glad the vacation was good gigity. I especially liked the layin’ around and raidin’ the fridge part.

ETA: Glad Mr. Lissar is back home LiLi. Now I’m wonderin’ what obscene tattoos they’ll all one day have. :smiley:

Mornin’ all. It’s a hazy gray day in Hippy Hollow. We’re not getting any fun hurricane rain because it’s moving in the wrong direction. :frowning: I spent too much time enjoying myself in hurricane country, and I say that as someone who had to evacuate for Floyd.*

Deblurfication is ongoing. I picked up almond milk at the store yesterday since it was the same price as soy milk. It’s not as “creamy” as soy, but the taste is quite pleasant. I’ve been drinking way too much caffeine this month. I’ll cut down eventually, when I feel like it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rosie’s sig, y’all.

***Bobbio **can attest that people who live in Hurricane Country NC like to brag about the worst hurricanes they’ve ever been through. I was in Hugo *and *Floyd. preens

Up and working. Beautiful outside, feeling a funk though.

I’m signing up on Monday, for a change.

Back from truck repair and grocery-getting. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that our truck is still under warranty - for 2 more weeks anyway. It was a nice surprise because the check engine light came on a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been avoiding having it looked at because we don’t drive it all that much, it doesn’t drive any differently, and I don’t get paid till next month. But it turns out it’s covered under warranty. So I got the recall item taken care of as well as the check engine issue (which happened to have a tech bulletin on the problem) and our truck is all good. Yay! Plus I got some knitting done.

OK, not all good. It’s filthy. I may go ahead and clean it today - at least I can de-buggify the windshield and empty the trash can. :smiley:

Plus when I stopped for groceries, my brand of TP was on sale, so I got 2 more 12 packs - that brings me up to 5 unopened 12-packs in the house. I believe that passes the **swampy **TP test. :smiley:

Time to unload the boat-cleaning crap from the truck. Good times… :rolleyes:

They have brands?

I just got a PM from **lieu **and youse guys didn’t! :stuck_out_tongue: He likes me best!! :stuck_out_tongue: OK, he didn’t actually say that, but I got his meaning… He did mention something about having “a life” that’s taking up a lot of his time. I’m hoping he’ll come back and explain to us what exactly that means.

OK, off to make cole slaw. There’s a first time for everything, right?? Just gonna make a small batch in case we hate it.

**Flytrap **- yeah, they have brands. For some brands, you pay for more air and less paper and you’re more likely to run out at a critical juncture. And it just occurred to me - once upon a time, you could buy TP in colors coordinated to your decor. Ah, for the good ol’ days…

When my hubby traveled a lot when our kids were tiny, I would just sit and there and say to myself “time passes, time passes, time passes”. It was so hard (at least for me) when I doing it all solo that just remember that time does pass and he does come home got me through it.



Sam, I missed that report over the weekend (KOB is my normal news station). I’m glad that the dobies are all going to rescue groups and you are blessed for being a foster to dogs from situations like that. I hope they’ll be able to have a healthy and happy life now.

I’ve been wishing for even a bit of the rain they’re getting in FL, but unfortunately it does not look like rain is in the cards for NM, not for the foreseeable future. This is bad, because it’s so tinder dry here and there have been so many fires now, some that have gobbled up acres and acres and homes. :frowning: Praying for folks along the Gulf of Mexico, though.

Today is laundry day … have a good Monday all.

Hey all, I awoke to a quiet house, my daughter and her husband and the grandkids headed out to the zoo while I was sleeping, so I may actually be able to get the house cleaned up. I truly forgot how cluttered life with young’uns is.

In other news, I got my tomatoes in last week, one red cherry (Sweet Millions) one red slicer (Early Girl) and one yellow slicer (Sunny Boy). Last year four tomato plants gave up far more tomatoes than we could eat, hopefully three will be just enough. Also, after reading a thread in CS I did a bit more reading and decided to try some peppers. I know from my gramma’s experience that bell peppers don’t produce enough to justify their space in the garden, and I am not a big fan of heat, so I put in one Jalapeño, one Anaheim and one Sweet Banana. I think if I keep them adequately they won’t develop too much heat. We’ll see.

One more cup of wthu and I am getting busy, have a great day y’all!