An all-new help out my buddy thread...

This was posted in the other thread, but I figured I’d separate it out so people who already read the first one would do it again.

Vote for Jerkwater Jive, please! It’s the very top banner.

My vote is in, and they are currently in 3rd place.

All set… (still in third).


Moved up to second! 28%

Did my part

Tied for first!

And they’re now top - by one vote.

I hope they remember me when they’re famous…

Anythang for the Drain! They’re still at the top by one vote.

I really like their jumping armadillo logo. Do they have t-shirts?

On top by two votes.

Thank you guys! We’re really close. Currently only down by a few votes! Don’t worry, when we’re rich and famous, we’ll have everyone at out Hawaii Spectacular! :smiley:

For those who are feeling Karma deficient, and have problems with voting blindly, you can come listen to the nominated song “Closet Ho” at JerkWaterJive on and then you can vote with a truly clear conscience knowing you’ve voted for the best! :smiley:


Cool! That was the cheapest wedding present I ever gave!

Well, Mike Oliver has a ripping 2 votes. Looks like both his parents voted for him.

Givin’ this a bump.

Come on, folks, they’re running a close second. Let’s get out there and vote. Libby, anything for a fellow beleaguered Bills fan. I actually voted twice because this morning I got booted off AOL for some retarded reason while I was writing my reply to y’all.

Uh Oh, Third place, only 29%. Hope they get some help here.


Come on people. they’re in third! Get more people here to vote!