An anesthesiologist and an ophthalmologist get into a fistfight. . .

Rand Paul and a neighbor are on the outs, apparently. Write your own punchlines. I wonder if the guy put Paul in a sleeper hold.

From the article:

Undoubtedly if Rand hadn’t been blindsided he would very likely have given his assailant a knockout punch.

An anesthesiologist and an ophthalmologist get into a fistfight. . .

In a gated community, no less.

We’re running out of safe spaces. :frowning:

Too bad it wasn’t a hairdresser. Ol’ Rand could use a straightening out.

Any word on motive? Is my grad-school-classmate-who-has-gone-hardcore-Tea-Party correct that this is all the fault of The Left, or is she spreading random misinformation on Facebook as per usual?

They couldn’t see eye-to-eye over a blind taste test. It was a real snooze fest.

Someone passed gas at a block party.

That’s OK. Republicans tend to be opposed to safe spaces.

Nothing’s been announced. The assailant is a registered Democrat, with anti-Trump stuff on his social media, but of course this may have been personal or just a lunatic act.

This is the second time Paul has been attacked this year, by the way. The linked article mentions the would-be assassin at the GOP congressional baseball practice but doesn’t mention that Paul was present there (and presumably would have been one of the victims had the shooter not been stopped).

A neighbor who witnessed the incident reportedly said the two have had an ongoing feud. Might not have anything to do with politics at all.

I have no problem believing that someone went upside Rand Paul’s head.

The part I don’t believe is that Rand Paul was mowing his own grass.

Five broken ribs and bruises to his lungs. Much worse than was initially reported.