An anti-pitting: concerning Rush Limbaugh and drugs

I know many here despise Limbaugh’s views. I myself am largely ignorant of them (being in Blighty does have some advantages…), but here he is putting his experiences with addiction to good use. So I give credit where credit is due.

He got more than credit. At least more than the paraplegic in the same state and who did the same thing and who got something like 10 years in jail.

Oh, a cite on that:

At least Paey is getting his morphine for free, though. I guess that’s some kind of credit.

I think a fairly minimal expectation for a political commentator who has criticized drug addiction and called for harsh punishment for drug addicts but who himself becomes a drug addict is that he must in his public commentaries say something like, “I have previously harshly criticized drug addicts. Then I became one myself. I haven’t changed my view that these drugs should continue to be illegal, but I now understand better how someone could get addicted to them. I will be more careful in the future to state that I can understand how someone could get addicted to drugs and will not be quite so harsh in my criticism of addicts.” (Well, it would also be consistent for him to announce that he has become a drug addict himself and that he insists that he be punished to the full extent of the law. What are the chances that Limbaugh will say that?) What Limbaugh has done is to send a personal message to one person that he should be careful with prescription drugs so that after the prescription ends, he doesn’t become addicted to them. That’s hardly the same thing.

So do i, but there’s none due here.