An apology and some praise.

Stepping up to the podium


Clearing dry throat

“My name is Silly Rabbit, and I’m a flirtaholic”

I have been on this message board for only a little over a month. I have not contributed anything of any substance or value thus far. All I have done is posted useless, flirty crap. Albeit fun and, well, sometimes on the rare occasion, an ego boost, it is no wonder nobody really knows who I am. I joined this board to fight ignorance and have only managed to assist in perpetuating it. For this, I would like to apologize to all of you. It must get tiring after a while. Thanks to Hamadryad for pointing this out to me.

One more thing before I go.

I have been reading everyone’s sigs and for the most part, I love ‘em! I would like to take this opportunity, however, to point out that so far, smug is the only poster who has a link in his sig that is the very epitome of what we are doing here. Fighting ignorance.
Way to go smug!!!

Thank you, guys & gals

Silly Rabbit. You are fighting ignorance as much as anyone else around here. And if you enjoy flirting then we are getting to know the real you. I for one enjoy reading your posts and I haven’t even really been flirted with much.
Keep it up! (no pun intended) :wink:

Silly Rabbit, I’ve been here for almost two years and over 4000 posts, and honestly, I can’t think of any bit of ignorance that I’ve eradicated.

So flirt away! :smiley:

(Oh, and thanks for the really nice email you sent last night. I genuinely appreciate it!)

Well I just wanna say that as a staunch opponent of flirtatious posts, this whole thing is…

::runs away as boots, assorted foodstuffs, bottles, pointed sticks, etc are thrown at me::

I can’t tell if this is sarcastic or genuine. In either case, I’ve only one thing to say…

Notoriety’s as good as fame, as long as they spell my name right.

Silly rabbit,

::cough, cough, check, cough, my, cough, sig::

And I not only flirt, I’m a sailor and a board sex God.

But you have supplied more than one of us with a few smiles, grins, and an occasional guffaw, dear girl.
And I’m not necessarily talking about your flirts, though there’s been some mighty risible stuff there as well.

Ignorance isn’t the only thing that needs to be fought, you know. Keep it up.

[sub]Can you tell I’m working on my punsmanship?[/sub]

Hamadryad - to know me is to know that I am a far cry from being very good at being mean or sarcastic. If I don’t have anything nice to say, I generally say nothing at all. My comment was 100% genuine. You have my permission to virtually slap me when I get out of line. But I won’t guarantee not to like it.

ChiefScott - I never knew… ok, I knew… I never checked your sig until now! Can I have your autograph? Hmm… I don’t seem to have any paper…

Bumbazine - I think I have to put you in my crush list. But I was trying to stay out of there. I need rehab.

Crunchy Frog -!!! You big flirt!! I wonder how many gals email you daily… (insert wink here out of respect to ChiefScott)

Persephone - After reading that particular post that you and I know of, I knew we would get along wonderfully SMILE

Pezpunk - What can I say? I am about to fall deep into a flirting frenzy, so I think I will stop now.

Well, now. That opens up all kinds of possibilities, doesn’t it? You didn’t say where I got to…errrrr, I mean HAD to slap you.


And whatever you do, don’t ever change.

The idea of being put in your crush thread makes me swell up
with pride. :slight_smile:

So maybe your role is battling loneliness, depression, and boredom? A noble endeavor indeed!

Does that mean you are NOT going to kiss me in front of pezpunk???

Pffft. Are you kidding me? Just because I link my sig to a charitable cause, I have somehow become ignorance fighting gladiator?

I hardly think so.

Sorry my friend, but there are thousands of people here that by comparison, make me look as sharp as a pound of wet liver.
My posts have been corrected on numerous occasions by mods and fellow doper alike, (and rightfully so), and my contributions here are almost always made in MPSIMS, a forum made mainly for fun, not for deep thought.

Let someone else fight ignorance, I’m here to have fun. :wink:

But thanks for the compliment.

Now I will go back to dreaming of being the creamy white filling in a delicious Silly Rabbit/Vanilla Oreo cookie. :smiley: (What a cruel thing to do to a confessed flirt-a-holic)

Boy,smug,don’t take compliments well? I’ll abstain from further compliments to protect you from the embarassment!! I love you anyways. Brat.

We’re supposed to be FIGHTING ignorance??? Uh oh…

WOE WOE WOE!!! BACK UP THERE!!! No kissing? But Im already naked! :wink:

Okay Pez, I’ll kiss ya, even if Silly isn’t here.
But you’ve got to keep your socks on…

I have got to start a thread like this one! I mean, let’s face it. What better way for a newbie to get some kind of recognition than to a) apologize for ostensibly not doing more to Fight Ignorance and b) praise those who do?


I bet if I began such a thread, da wimmen would be alllllll over me. I just know it. Chicks dig pity and humility and all that other sensitive-male junk. I’d be a shoo-in!

Unless, of course… no one posted. What happens if you open a thread and no one comes? Like all threads and soldiers, it would simply… fade away…

Neato thread, Silly Rabbit! And great name, too!