AN Apology for Canada and A Fuck You to Detroit!

Fookin ridiculous. I wish upon those who booed a red hot poker where the sun don’t shine. Ignorant assholes.

That’s great. What a nice story. :rolleyes:

Sportsmanship at it’s finest?

I wouldn’t be too upset about it, I have noticed American sports fans doing it all the time. As weird as it may sound, I think it is done in jest and no harm is meant. Maybe some American fan can confirm this?

What makes it more amusing is that the “Canadian Team” are all Americans.

I’d love to think it was a joke, but I don’t think it was. I’ve been to plenty of hockey games games against Canadian teams and I’ve never heard any booing of the Canadian National Anthem.

I have heard generally light-hearted ribbing between US and Canadian fans during a game, but booing the National Anthem is beyond the pale.

I was at this game.
The booing was not from the entire crowd, though the numbers were sizable enough to be easilly heard. It seemed to be coming almost exclusively from an area at one end of the arena where there was a large contingent of toronto fans. I think it was just the detroit fans around them that did it in the heat of the moment, they were yelling at each other all night. Moronic? yes. but hey, they booed our anthem too.

Good, I’d like to think it’s a small contingent. Being that Detroit is a stone’s throw from Canada, they have a pretty close relationship with Canajuns (we use their coins and go to their titty bars; they send nurses to work in our hospitals).

I hear Detroit even has a joint “Freedom Festival” with Windsor. Commemorating Canada Day on July 1st and Indepedence day on July 4th.

yes, that is correct

The Canuck fans booed the American National anthem at the Red Wings game yesterday. Hockey fans seem to have started this a couple of years ago, and don’t seem to take it too seriously.

You all are mistaking sports fans for rational human beings. :rolleyes:

Wow Polycarp…that’s about the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read from you on these boards. :frowning:

Yeah, I heard fans booing during the American Anthem at the Canucks vs. Red Wings game last night. I actually cringed and changed the channel for a few minutes. There’re no shortage of boors on either side of the border, it seems. I still reserve the right to hate Philly fans above all, though. They seem to have mastered the art of thuggish behaviour.

This isn’t new; I remember that Yankee fans booed O Canada during the desperate 1985 pennant race between the Yankees and Blue Jays. Howard Cosell, in one of his last good rants, remarked how disgraceful it was. I’m sure that wasn’tthe first time.

I’m a Canadian fan, and while it offends me that my anthem would be booed,

  1. We do it too, and
  2. Canadian teams, like the Raptors, tend to wrap themselves in the Canadian flag as part of their marketing strategy. If the anthem is being caught in the crossfire of sports rivalry, some of that blame has to go to the Canadian-based teams that milk Canadian patriotism and us-versus-the-American-teams for all it’s worth.

And mistaking hockey for a sport. :smiley:

Jarbaby, it was intended as over-the-top irony. My wife and I are rabid baseball fans, regular attendees at our local minor league club, and she often gets into watching football.

But in point of fact, there seems to be a tendency among a fair proportion of sports fans, or at least the ones we’ve been exposed to, to let one’s attachment to one’s favorite team destroy any sense of proportion or common decency. In witness whereof, may I refer you to Estilicon’s thread here in the Pit on soccer? Or any number of rants about sports teams by people who appear to be compassionate, sane humans in other forums but let loose here in the Pit on sports?