Hey Vancouver, Detroit has something to say to you...


Canuck fans stood and cheered the Star Spangled Banner at the start of tonights Red Wings-Canucks game. After the shameful display at the Pistons game the other night, you could have Booed and Jeered our anthem, and we would have deserved it.

But you didn’t.

There was a smattering of boos as the song began, but by the end, Vancouver fans were cheering loudly. That was a class act, and speaking as someone who was at the piston game, and did not boo O Canada, I wanted to say thank you.

Uh, yer welcome. What happened at the Pistons game?

They boooed the Canadian National Anthem

looks like I spoke too soon. The original sentiment still applies, but come on, don’t throw garbage on the ice cause you’re losing.


5-HT the worst garbage that Canadians put on the ice is what skated on a few minutes before the 1st period even began!

bernse - an ex-canooks fan

Ah, screw the “polite Canadian” mythos.

Sure bomb the hell out your “allies”-- as like as not, we’ll lie down for it.

But rudeness at a hockey game?

Expect to be fighting the “War on Terror” on two fronts from now on.
Hell, even when our frigging parliament is finally acknowledged to be a dictatorship, the editorialists make it into a joke about hockey. I’m told Canadians take the game seriously. (Me, the only Puck that means a damned thing to me is a character out of Shakespeare. Or maybe Kipling.)

Yeah, funny stuff. We’re inches away from a general strike, or at the very least rioting in the streets, over here. (What the article doesn’t mention is that there have been almost 172 private member’s bill’s submitted this year, and the “Liberal” gov’t has allowed exactly ZERO of them to be voted on. Assassination is beginning to hold more appeal than parliamentary process for a lot of Canadians – and that’s something we usually leave to the Yahoo Yankees - generally, we’re better than that.

Sorry, little OT.

[slinks off to swallow some Prozac and watch reruns of SCTV.]

Um, majority governments typically don’t ever allow private members’ bills to be voted on. If they like the legislation, they introduce it themselves. If not, the legislation wouldn’t have passed even if they had allowed it to be introduced. The net result is the same.

Not that I’m exactly fond of the current parliamentary system (speaking as a member of a party that got 1/4 the votes of the Liberals but 1/14 the seats).

I know, matt. Those of us outside the sausage-factory just get a little green when we’re forced to look at the workings up close.

Kudos to you for trying to make a difference.

Best I’ve ever managed is to “tape a diagram of a petrol-bomb up on the bathroom wall and jerk off to it,” as Robert Anton Wilson so wryly put it.

And wistfully thinking of emigrating, before the whole dying show devolves past the point of no return.

But let’s not bring the OT into OT. (Deep down, us Canucks can never resist a hockey metaphor.)