An aside: I love my nephew and nieces

It’s a bit weird to be gay and an uncle, because “uncle” for me, at least, seems very str8. It’s been over 11 years, but I still find it strange to be called “Unclle.”

Nonetheless, I’m the uncle of five beautiful children. My first niece, Melissa, was born in 1991. My sister-in-law had Adrian in 1993, followed my sister having Jessica that summer.

When my brother and sister-in-law had Julia, they asked me if I would be her Godfather. Of course, I said yes, and I was at the baptism, up there holding her as the Holy Water (I’m not religious, but I respect religion) was poured on her.

I got to meet Hannah, my youngest niece (from my sister) only recently. She’s an absolute angel, and like my sister’s other daughters, has a musical sense that could turn into prodigy.

Adrian is now a hockey boy. I’m not into hockey, but his fervour whenever he talks about his games, or the current series, gives me pride and comfort.

On my fridge, I have drawings from my neices and nephew. They all extoll love for me. I’m the “fun uncle,” the one who only shows up periodically, but is always cool to hang around with.

I’m “Uncle Beave,” and that’s the way I want it to be, forever.

If you want to know the origins of the “Beave” thing, email me.

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You obviously love your nephew and nieces very much. :slight_smile:

May I just ask-do they know you’re gay?

See, being the Uncle is cool-you get to spoil them rotten and send them home when they start to misbehave.

OH! On second thought, that sounded a bit nasty. I was just curious-if anyone gives you a hard time about it-because that would be wrong.

My kids have two unmarried, childless uncles, one of whom hates kids generally and the other of whom doesn’t. These are the people who take them to symphonies and nice restaurants and who talk to them the way only a non-parent can. I’m delighted that my kids are privileged to have men like those two in their lives, and I’m glad that it sounds like your siblings appreciate you, too.

Yes, I do. There’s nothing more amazing than having them come through the door at Christmas morning at my parents’ place (where I stay) and be full of wonder and excitement.

There’s nothing more amazing than having my sister’s daughters rush down the stairs to the newly-renovated basement where I now stay, with drawings for me.

There’s nothing more amazing than when my youngest niece claps her hands when I play the piano.

I’m pretty sure they know I’m gay. I mean, I’m 29, I’m not married (duh), and so on. My nephew asked me if I’ve ever seen a Montreal Candiens game. I have, and it was a private loge. He asked, “Did you go with your friend?” (I did.) I said yes. I think my brother and sister-in-law told him. But the point is, he’s OK with all this. He still hugs me and everything. As I said in another post, that’s what being out can do. I really can’t do any more.

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That’s great. See, you’re already bringing up the next generation as tolerant, accepting people. Go Scott!

Wait a second here - I’M 29 and not married - WHAT THE?!?!


I have a sweet little niece that I’m crazy about - she’s 3. I was baby sitting and we were watching Snow White. Now, colour me wimpy, but the sceen when Snow White is running from the huntsman, after he’s almost cut out her heart is pretty dern scarey.

I said to Hanako that she should sit with me in case I got scared - she climbed up and patted my hand and said - “It’s ok.”

GAH! Can you say CUTE with a capital C!!

I’m jealous. See, I’m an only child, as is my SO. This obviously means no nieces and nephews. I’d be such a good Auntie, too.

I’m almost tearing up here, reading about scott evil’s lovely (and loved) nieces and nephews. I’m supposed to be a hard bastard, dammit!

scott evil, I love reading your posts. Your writing is so honest and unselfconscious. Go, you! :slight_smile:

I don’t have nephews and nieces, but I do have little cousins. They’re great. I get to do cool things like take them horseriding and shopping and to the movies. I took my littlest cousin, who is 2, to the zoo the other day and we had so much fun! I remember how much I adored my big cousins when I was a little girl, and now they are my closest friends. I feel so lucky to have a close family.

My parents were only children, and my SO’s one aunt is childless. No cousins either, at least no first cousins.

I’m not so sure they know, scott. I have a funny story about that, actually. I have a gay uncle, and am totally oblivious.

For as long as I can remember, my uncle had a friend (male) who always flew into the city with him (they live in California). He was treated as part of the family. He’s really nice, too. At my bat mitzvah, I was talking to my uncle about their new house. All of a sudden, something occured to me.

“Where do you sleep?” I asked.
"The master bedroom, "he replied.
“Well, where does (friend) sleep?”
“The master bedroom,” he replied, obviously hinting at something.
“Huh!” says I, as I walk away without a thought in my head.

I finally figured it out when I was visiting and saw a picture of them kissing. I am dense.

This could make for a thread about homosexuality running in families as a genetic thing.

Interestingly enough, two or three of my mother’s uncles were gay. She never actually said it, but she would always describe them as well-dressed bachelors who decided to take care of their mother in her old age. I eventually figured it out. One of my cousins is gay and lives in the same city as I do. I’ve run into him on many an occasion at a gay bar. So I said, “Est-ce que Oncle Édouard était gai?” (was Uncle Edward gay) and my cousin was like, “duh!” :smiley:

Anyway, if it’s inherited, I got it from my mother’s side. It doesn’t matter to me, though. If there were a pill I could take that would make me str8, I wouldn’t take it. I love being this way, in spite of the pros and cons. My parents still love me. They told me their love was unconditional. At least I can be honest about things when I talk to them. I recently had a conversation with them about several things, including a guy I was having trouble getting over. My mother burst into tears and screamed at me, “He wasn’t right for you!” At least she was able to say “he.” For that, I am grateful. :slight_smile:

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This is not a thread about how I personally feel about homosexuality, and I wouldn’t turn it around to suit my own purposes at all. But there are some positive things I’d like to share, if I may. :slight_smile:

I think it’s great that gays can have supportive people that they can turn to when they need to talk honestly about whatever is happening in their lives. :slight_smile: From what I’ve heard, some gay people’s families and friends don’t support them after they announce to everyone that they’re gay. :frowning: (I’d like to think that I could be as supportive as I could be if someone I know told me that he was gay)


My sister just mentioned this weekend that one of her good frineds was gay; I think he told her bacjk in November. He said, “You’re a Christian, right?” She said yes (I think he knew the answer, but was looking for confirmation), and then he asked her how Christians felt about gay people. As she was telling him, she thought, “Ah, he’s gay.” (because I don’t want to hijack this thread in a GD direction, I won’t say how Christians feel about homosexuality; I think people kind of know it already) After that, he told her that he was gay.

My sister still is friends with this person (they’re in first year university and have known each other since Gr. 11), which I think is terrific! Even if I didn’t, that would be her decision entirely, and nothing to be said about it. When she told my mom about her friend’s being gay (my brother may have known about it before my mom did), she was shocked, to say the least: “Can’t they make him un-gay??” (that’s what my sibs said about her reaction; but that news was certainly a bombshell)

My sister still has one worry, though: if she goes into a lesbian club with this friend of hers, she absolutely does not want to get hit on! She thinks she’s safe in a gay club, and that might very well be true. Her solution if this comes up is to go with another female friend of theirs and pretend they’re a couple.

Who knows if that will work, but first she’ll have to figure out what to say to our dad if she goes clubbing with her friend. (“Dad, we’re going to the clubs on Davie St. … um, I mean we’re going to the Purple Onion…” is how my brother suggested she go about it) [Davie Street being the gay club center of town here, and Purple Onion being a straight club]


Sorry for hijacking your thread, Scott. I just had to tell everyone how great it is that my sister is still supporting this friend of hers! :slight_smile: (but I’m not going to tell her that)

It’s OK, hon. Just don’t tell them about the Uncle Beave thing :wink:

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Of course I won’t! You can trust me on that one, for sure! :slight_smile:

Do they know you were in a boy band yet?