An embarassing question about Work-Outs & Penile Responses

I’ve started working out again after a few years of dormancy. I have an embarassing problem that I mention here because you can’t see my face:

When I’m beginning to reach capacity or “max out” (not overdoing it, just the normal maxing out weight-load for me), I start to have a not very pleasant sensation in my love-turnip; it’s roughly a pressure that’s like a blend between an erection and the need to pee except, as I said, with no pleasure or sexual stimulation feelings.

Has anybody else had this and if so, any suggestions?

Yeah, I experience it every once in a while. It sucks especially with those thin gym shorts. One kid in my weight training class is notorious for it.

Nothing to contribute, just saying ‘me too’.

Does this happen on all movements, or just certain ones? I can’t remember anything like that happening during a squat or a deadlift, but I have a vague bell ringing from the bench press, I think.

Sounds like you’re pushing toward an inguinal hernia.

Do you use any “supplements” ?

Even some of the mild ones can mess up testosterone production, cause excessive pissing etc. Ephedra can irritate the prostate.

Otherwise, good luck with starting back up !