Sexual question for other guys (Way Way Way Way WayTMI)

Okay, since the board is going pay, and there is a fair chance I will decide not to continue I figure I should ask this question before I lose the chance as embarrasing as it is.

I am an ugly guy, and really haven’t been had that much sex. Most of my life I have only dreamed about women wanting to spend the night with me. But those few times one has been interested things haven’t gone that well. About ten times I was really drunk at the time, so I discount those to chemical interference. But the other 15 or so I was pretty much sober or damn close.

I’m not talking impotence, Ol’ Casey always steps to the plate. I’m talking about my “Stamina” outlasts my stamina. After enough time my ass and thigh muscles are burning with such pain I just can’t continue. And at that point I’m not really even feeling the countdown starting up. I just kind of give up into much muscle pain to have sex be a part of my considerations. I have had BJs but they always go nowhere and both of us get way tired of it before any climax. I have had the chick on top trying her part to create the motion, but she just gets tired too. It’s not a problem of not fitting tightly enough, because just like me my piece is short and wide, and I had one chick say no thanks because of too much girth.

My jack-off technique has been honed over the years but has always involved a pretty hard pressure by my middle finger. Does anybody else have this problem, and is there anyway to get Casey a little lighter on the trigger?

I had the same problem before I started getting it regularly from the same woman (my now fiance) I attributed it to masturbation, getting too used to that sensation, and having it be the only way to orgasm. It took at least two months of available sex, but now I very regularly finish through normal sex, which was a rarity before.

I’d suggest cutting down on your frequency and intensity of masturbation. And relax, it’s not all about the orgasm, just have fun while you’re there :wink:

Hey, mind if I step in?

From the other side’s point of view, there is no such thing as an ugly guy…everyone has their charms…you obviously care 'cause you’re asking!

Plugging away (excuse the phrase) for a long period of time is not plesant from any standpoint…short periods of time doing other things is generally much more pleasurable. Take your time, if nothing happens, take a rest (glass of wine, smoke, whatever floats your boat) then try something else. It’s not a mission…well,perhaps it may be however take it slower and make suggestions…nothing turns a lady on more than making a guy moan!

LOL…“No such thing as an UGLY guy”… :smack: :smack: :rolleyes:

Next time, please think twice before posting a “TMI” thread with more than two "Way"s in the title.
Thank you.