An Epidemic Of Rough Sex?

Is it just me, or is the general sexual atmosphere starting to lean towards sadomasochistic/violent elements?

Of course the average person has always had their cache of fantasies, most of which they never act out on, but I’ve been hearing a lot of really wild stuff lately…

While in vacation, I met a girl in a bar who was celebrating her 21st birthday. I had a few drinks with her, and thought things were going pretty well in the courtship sense. When the subject of sex came up as a conversation topic, like it always does in a good encounter, she said rather secretely to me that she enjoys rough sex.

Who doesn’t? I replied.

Well, she said she needed something “extra”, and she pretty much shocked me by telling me she likes to get slapped, spit on, choked, pissed on, and God knows whatever the hell else.

Nothing happened, of course, not only because I was fairly repelled by her desires, but because some Texan in a WWF shirt stole her attention from me.

Thinking this girl was a odd duck indeed, once I was back home I told people I know about her.

The responses I got were pretty unexpected.

Out of the males I talked to, probably 50 percent had engaged in rough sex similar or comparable to the extreme this girl was interested in, and nearly 70 percent said they’d had fantasies about it.

As for the females, probably 20 percent had engaged in something similar, and another 20 percent admitted they had fantasies about it.

Just to clarify, we’re not talking about run-of-the-mill rough sex, with your hairpulling and ass slapping, which practically everyone’s done and enjoyed at some point…we’re talking about extreme roughness and degradation. The element of violence in this is pretty alarming.

A general trend? A passing fad, much like female bisexuality?

Female bisexuality is a passing fad?:slight_smile:

Give it two more years…all these phony “bi” girls (most of whom are bi just by reasons of social hipness) will move on to the next thing…and the actual bisexual females will be left.

I don’t know about the ‘legitimacy’ of your survey, but, if we take it as true, that blokes are more into rough sex and fantasise more frequently about it, it may perhaps explain why women are choosing bisexuality…and NOT just as a passing fad either!!

Maybe it’s just the circles you move in. :smiley: Maybe it’s just you!!

Does this mean I can start saying I was a masochist before masochism was cool?

“I don’t know about the ‘legitimacy’ of your survey, but, if we take it as true, that blokes are more into rough sex and fantasise more frequently about it, it may perhaps explain why women are choosing bisexuality…and NOT just as a passing fad either!!”

Yes, because sexuality is all about “Oh, this guy wants it rough and I don’t, so I’ll go be with a woman. Attracted to women? Um…er…I could fake it, I guess”:slight_smile:

Good grief. The reason I’m attracted to men isn’t that they like it more rough. It’s just who I am, just as those bisexual women on this board didn’t up and choose to be attracted to women because it was convenient:)

[sub]Trying to keep this tame because although I think I understand the joke you’re making, it’s being made at the expense of good people who don’t deserve it.[/sub]

I don’t like rough sex. Including ass slaping.

“rough sex”, BDSM, etc… has been “in” and fashionnable for quite a long time, now. A dozen of years, I would guess. But I don’t think it’s nowhere near your 50% estimate.
For the record, I’m one of the amateurs…

I’m a passing fad?

Well, that sure explains several things that have happened over the last year.

So does that mean male bisexuality is about to become the new thing?

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!:wink:

So would you say that ejoying being peed on is a “passing” fad? :smiley:

Sorry iampunha, I’ll take the firmly planted tongue out of my cheek.
My facetious ‘skills’ had not had enough caffeine earlier! FTR, my comments were not intended to offer ‘motives’ for a persons sexual preferences…they were meant as a dig at the OP’s comments and methodology, and I’m still wondering why such a question was put in the Pit anyway.

So if I have offended anyone with my comment, I hereby humbly apologise. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t sure either way, and there have been people in the pit in the past who we all thought “s/he HAD to be joking…”

Plus today I had to deal with a guy who believes once and for all that sexuality in general is a choice and sinful and all that, and swore up and down that whatever argument I had he’d already heard.

And then was dumbstruck by mine. Yaaaay for closed-minded people.

At any rate, I get that you were joking now. I thought you might have been, but I wasn’t sure and wanted to be on the safe side.

As to re: the OP, my guess would be that this society, by and large, has relaxed a good bit regarding sexual practices and many of its tabooes are being lifted by individual members (who increasingly become a larger minority). Nope, I don’t have a link, but I do have a good number of friends who could very easily identify with the OP (myself, in some cases, included).

My guess is that statistics would not truthfully bear this out because, due to the taboo nature of some of these things, a practicing BDSMer, for example, might not be willing to admit in any but fellow BDSM company that s/he engaged in such practices, whereas today it could well be a dinner topic (hell, at a dopefest, anyway!).

Regarding my remarks about female bisexuality being a fad, I think I worded my statement too bluntly…I wasn’t trying to imply that ALL female bisexuals are following a fad, merely that it’s currently very popular for a woman to assert her “open” nature even when said “open nature” is paper thin.

As far as I can tell, the only reason to assert this is to:

A: Get a guy’s attention

B: Look cool!

As for all of those honest-to-Goodness switch hitting females out there, all apologies.

When I lived in Montreal a few years ago, it was definitely fashionable for women there to be bisexual, and it pissed off my friends who were lesbians (or bi, before it was cool). Suddenly the gay bars were full of Toronto princesses in their first year of college, preening for their first gay experience, and not a few of my friends made the mistake of indulging them in their little fantasy, only to get dumped when the weekend dyke got bored of experimenting.

Actually, it was my female friends who were really bi who hated it most, because bi girls sometimes have a bad rep in the queer community of being fickle, and hordes of adventuresses only made it worse.

Having experienced a sexual fad, it’s plausible to me that S&M is the fad now. I haven’t met anyone claiming to be that into it, but I live in Wisconsin, where cows have never gone out of fashion.

Epidemic of rough sex?

You say that like it’s a bad thing.



Ever read Justine? Not a fad.

I would consider myself lucky at that point.

That’s right - six months from now, nobody will respond to your posts anymore. :wink: