An interesting evaluation comment from a student...

We got our evaluation sheets back today, and as I was going through what few comments there were, this one stuck out:

A drawing of what I guess he thought my cock looked like was included.

I only wish I knew who wrote that so I could walk up to him and say, “Why, thank you for noticing! But, sorry, I’m spoken for!”

I have to say that this truly surprised me. No matter how much I disliked an instructor, I was never tempted to draw penises on an evaluation form.

Oh, these kids today…:slight_smile:

Was this a figure drawing class?

Nope. Introduction to Operations Management.

ETA: It wasn’t a great drawing, but it was clear what it was :stuck_out_tongue:

So you’re saying the kid had WENUS on the mind?

That’s… really something.

You could interpret that a couple ways, but it may have been that he thought you were a huge cock rather than that you have a huge cock. But it’s probably better to just assume the latter. Then again, it might not be.

Oh, I’m under no illusions that he meant that I was a huge cock. What surprises me is that he thought it was perfectly reasonable to draw one. It seems so…junior high-ish.

ETA: The class is a junior-level, core course for the BBA, so he–I’m almost certain is was a he, judging by the handwriting–is in his early 20s.

Actually, I misstyped: I’m under no illusions that he meant anything but that I was a huge cock.

Well it could be none of the above… maybe he was just an ADD student who had huge cock on the brain that day.

Maybe he has an affliction, and he can’t help but draw penises all day.

When I was at school there was a trend to draw a cock on each others’ exercise books (if you found it, you had to add to it to make it look like an innocuous drawing of something else - kudos for the most creative de-cockification). Could it have been a ‘friend’ who did it?

Do you wear a turtleneck?

Lawyers wear button down collars to keep the foreskin from covering our faces.

It’s possible, although there didn’t appear to be the level of care put into it that you describe :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure he was just being a douche. He had no constructive comments to make, so he drew a dick.

No, nothing obvious like that. And I don’t remember popping any boners during class either.

Looking over some of the other comments, I’m gathering that I didn’t have the best crop of students this time around. The course is separated into a lecture and discussion; I lead the discussion, in which I do reviews for exams and grade oral presentations. One student had this to say:


My favourites were:

‘You read your lectures off a sheet and it was hard to take notes because of that’.

If you expect me to do six hours without notes, my friends, you are mistaken. Also, we posted all our lectures online. Verbatim. And had a new program where a recording of the lecture was synched up to our PowerPoint slideshows and also posted online.

‘I can speak the better English’

I’m sure you do.

Student evaaluations are the best.

You guys have to come to China, where BSing the teacher is elevated to a fine art.

My anonymous evaluations are all along the line of “Sven is extremely beautiful and I love to spend time and be friends with our wonderful teacher.” It’s awesome.

Yeah, but they don’t compliment your huge cock, Sven.

Actually, I’ve heard from my JET friends in Japan that Japanese schoolchildren are always trying to grab your penis, if you have one. Seriously. Or stick their fingers up your butt.

I had a professor who taught in Thailand and said that was the case there.

He admits he’s become a much better professor since coming to the States, though, because he knows what he can improve on, what works and what doesn’t work in his courses.

Students “evaluate” teachers now?

Can’t they just sit down, shut the fuck up, absorb some LEARNING and stop being so damn empowered?

Yep, and in a lot of cases, reading evals is an exercise in seeing that there are plenty of people who believe themselves entitled to a good grade because they paid tuition, or believe that paying tuition starts a magic process where the material is transferred to them by osmosis, without needing to pay attention in class or read the book.