An official Survivor Jumping the shark and Boston Rob's a Jerk thread!.(Spoiler's)

I sat with unsatiated angst last night…and a look of complete disapproval as Boston Rob and Amber (lovers :rolleyes:) took home a million dollars, got engaged, and fake cried on National Television. The age of Survivior has officially jumped the shark in my mind. Rock on Lex for that speech, and Fck You Rob for being such a Dck.

What the Heck happened last night?My only solace came when Boston Rob didn’t get the million, and Amber did…but it was short lives as they got engaged and will most likely be sharing the mill.

Is anyone else as disturbed by last night’s proceedings as I?

And what about the twist? Someone else is getting a Million…? It better be the one who deserves it…Rupert!

Who do you think it will be?

I’m not convinced that Rupert deserves it, but I think he’ll be the runaway winner of the popularity contest for this second million.l

Which is a shame since Shii Ann should get it for being the only sane one on the jury.

Rob is not a dick, BTW. He is what is known as an excellent player.

Lex’s speech was pathetic and childish. Rob played the game, Lex didn’t. Get over it, Lex. Lex stabbed several people in the back, and then throws a hissy fit when the same happened to him. What an idiot and a baby. Rob Mariano didn’t cry when he was stabbed in the back and lied to. He recognized it as it was - a GAME.

The non-Boston Rob gets my vote.

Haven’t read the thread.

I don’t know about the shark or the jerk bit but I do know that we are behind you so I’ll stick this in here just to get the attention of all US survivor fans.


Not a comment on this thread BTW as it didn’t say if Rob won lost etc. but I live in fear of this as every other series has been ruined on me by posters here starting threads with spoliers in the title.
Thank you. I’ll now return you to the thread.

Rob didn’t win. Had he won, I may have given him the exellent player golden star. But he didn’t win. Amber get’s the gold star for staying far enough behind Rob’s leg to not get noticed and voted off. That I guess was the best play of the GAME.

Rupert wins the popularity contest because he was a good guy…And he will most likely get the other million. Had he been a little more shrewd he would most likely be in the honey pot, but he isn’t.

I would love to see the Survivor series that the OP did, because in the one I saw, Lex was a bitter hypocrite, Rupert was a condescending, incompetent, entitlement-happy asshat, and Rob completely dominated the game from beginning to end.

Send me a tape! :smiley:

I, too, wonder what show the OP was watching. Lex was the worst player in the game, in that he had a chance to win but completely blew his opportunity. He singlehandedly turned his tribe from a potential powerhouse with Ethan and Colby into the weakest tribe in Survivor history. Plus he was the one directly responsible for the eventual outcome by failing to oust Amber and bust up the tightest alliance in the game.

Rupert (let’s build a house in the sand) is a collosal idiot who tried to win the game with that always-winning combination of buffoonery and childlike naivete.

The wrong person won, but the best player came in second.

I don’t know that I’d say Survivor “jumped the shark.” Perhaps Richard humped the shark, but that’s just Richard, not the whole series.

Anyway, my 2¢ … Lex and Rob are both asshats, and that’s why neither of them won the million bucks. Rob dominated that game right into Amber’s hands, which is why she is the winner and he is her bitch. (Not that I feel very kindly toward her, either.) Rob is also a liar and a hypocrite who claims that he did not let his feelings and his relationships dictate his game, but if that were true then he would have won a million dollars, and Amber would have finished third.

Rupert may be “condescending” and “entitlement-happy” but he also accepted defeat like a man, in a very sportsmanlike manner. He didn’t lie to anybody and he never claimed to play an unemotional game (unlike some, who are clearly lying). I respect a person who is honest with himself and with others. So I have personally voted about 300x for him to win the extra million, and I will keep voting until they don’t let me any more.

I am so tired of this. If you don’t want to know stay off the boards…it is just that easy.

As someone else said, when I tape Survivor because I have something else to do, I stay away from the boards until I see it. It is just that easy. There is no law that requires you to be on the SDMB all the time.

Well, he may accept defeat like a “man”, but I don’t have a lot of respect for someone who bitches each time he doesn’t get his way, treats other people like shit when they dare to disagree with him, complains when other people don’t behave just the way he thinks they should, and talks down to anyone who doesn’t see fit to kiss his ass.

And the fact that people are willing to forgive all this heinous bullshit because he’s “nice” (untrue), “gentle” (but selfish), and “honest” (in a game that requires dishonesty? Big Whoop) is what’s so incredible to me. But if he were really honest with himself, he would own up to all of this and apologize for a fraction of this behavior. Ahhh, but when the cameras start to roll and the crowd gives him all the ego-stroking validation he so desparately needs, he can’t be bothered to show some humility when he’s got some hearty GROWLS to dispense.


Bull. Requesting that people not post spoilers IN THREAD TITLES is entirely reasonable. From the stickied Cafe Society Policies:

Everyone who played this game knew Rupert would beat them if they were pitted against him in the final 2. They knew it because he was well liked and played the game with very little treachery. And someone who can play the game with as little deception as Rupert did, and still pull off the win, either officially or a week later as it may be, is the better player in my book.

Rob was different than this exactly how? Or for that matter, how was anyone else in the game? Honestly, Rupert didn’t do anything that the other players didn’t do also (except for maybe hoard the fishing equipment, which I will concede). He was just more vocal about it - so what?

When did Rob throw a hiss fit when he didn’t get his way? (Note Rupert bitching about the “injustice” of Rob & Amber winning the cars on a reward challenge which he was the worst at)

When did Rob treat someone like shit simply for disagreeing with him? (Note Rupert tearing Jerri a new one for having the audacity to question his Hole-in-the-Sand, aka Worst Survivor Shelter ever. And he never even apologized for the way he treated her)

When did Rob complain to other people when they didn’t behave the way he wanted them to? (Note Rupert bitching about the candy)

When did Rob talk down to others when they didn’t kiss his ass? (Note Rupert getting upset about the fish)

Rob builds a paradise compared to Rupert’s shithole, yet Rupert calls Rob “lazy” when Rupert moves into town. Why? Because Rob isn’t Rupert.

Rob galvanizes his team to victory after victory (usually as the dominant force) without ever once blaming people or pointing fingers, while Rupert’s “leadership” (the shelter, the boat) leaves his team SOL yet never takes responsibility for his team’s failings.

Rupert made no effort at alliance-making outside of Jenna and Rob/Amber. He didn’t win a single immunity. He only got as far as he did on the sheer generosity (and strategy) of Rob & Amber. And yet, he would whine about all the other people not being as worthy as himself.

Rob may have thought he was craftier and smarter than the others, but Rupert always implied he was a better, more “deserving” person. Rob may have backstabbed more people than Rupert, but that’s because Rupert was content in nestling in the warm comfort of his self-righteousness while Rob did all the real work.

The only version of Survivor Rupert has tried to win is the one in his own head, where if he works hard enough, is a big enough provider, and is a “mentor” (king of condescension) to all his “little” teammates, they’ll bend over backwards giving him the money out of sheer gratitude. Rob never suffered from such a delusion, and though he didn’t win, he came closer than Rupert ever could.

Thanks ArchiveGuy for articulating my thoughts.

I cannot stand Rupert, but I think he’s going to win the second million. I wish there was a way to vote against a candidate.

That is exactly what happened last night…Survivor “jumped the shark” big time. It all started afer Jenna’s foot slipped of the pole. From then on out, it was just a big dopey sappy bunch of fluff! I don’t watch soap operas and I damn sure don’t wanna see one on Survivor. From Lex and Kathy’s stupid “you hurt my feelings” speech to that shameful t-shirt that Amber wore in the reunion show and even to Jerri’s walking out because she got booed. Damn people, it’s just a game, it ain’t real life. Hatch is the only one that appears to have a good handle on the difference between his real life and the game.

The only thing that could send this game “further over the shark” would be if Rupert won the second million. But I’m afraid that may happen…the same people that will vote for Rupert probably made Bush our President and Wal-mart the number retailer.

The dumbing down of America continues and it raised it’s ugly ugly head last night on the last 1.5 hours of Survivor.

Oh well, I’m back to cable TV and DVD’s goodbye networks.

As has been noted elsewhere, Rupert was very lucky to even have gotten to the final four “with very little treachery”, and there was no way he would’ve gotten to the final two without some treachery. Them’s the breaks. Especially in an “All-Star” contest, there is no way to win without betrayal (or riding the betrayer’s coattails).

So, it’s easy to look at everyone on the jury and go “oh, he’s such a widdle-cutey, and wouldn’t hurt a fly” and think that’s the way the game should be played and that’s who should’ve won, but it doesn’t happen that way.

And, as ArchiveGuy noted, Rupert was a terrible player in general, outside of trying to put up a nice-guy front.

Boston Rob had one of the most dominating performances ever, against people who had all played before!. So what if he did it with treachery - he absolutely overwhelmed everyone with that strategy. I’ve never before seen someone control another team’s vote.

Or, perhaps, some people want to see the nice guy win something for a change. And of course I can only speak for myself, but I wouldn’t vote for Bush in a million squillion years (talk about entitlement issues, eh?) and I’ve never had occasion to buy numbers. Certainly I wouldn’t buy them at Wal Mart.

I still like Rup, and I hate Rob. so there;)

But I do agree it is on a downhill slide somewhat. As I posted in one of the other survivor threads It is all about rules lawyers now. People are playing to the implimentation of the rules, rather than the spirt of the game. I have only watched two or three seasons and am already getting tired of it a little. Everybody is trying to do the same exact thing and it comes down to who lies better.

I honestly think they need a major overhall of the format, to keep it fresher. Maintain the spirit, but change how it works. I was really hoping they had done it for All-stars, but nope, Same-ol-shit . And sadly I doubt they are going to change things based on the fan bitching about the Pearl islands castoffs coming back. Everybody has the same strategy set up before they come, and it’s laregly luck who wins. I would much rather see a setup where things are constantly changing in unexpected way, to see who can really think on their feet. That’s why I hate SHii Ann so much, She is the ultimate rules lawyer.
Just simple things like making everybody the jury, or only the first 7 off , or giving everybody two votes out of the last three people. Or how about an elimination challenge where the last person across is kicked off without a vote. Oh well, I can dream, but the boring public likes their predicable status quo.

At least I still have amazing race, Work hard and smart, maybe an alliance or two for a minor edge and you can win.