An old colleague of mine was voluntarily cannibalized and killed. TM friggin' I.

I actually heard about this in January, but it was the day of my father’s funeral and I had other things on my mind, as you can imagine. But I heard some more details today, which reminded me.

In the early to mid 90’s this guy would come to Florida occasionally to provide training to me and my coworkers on some protocol testing equipment. Normal-seeming guy, the most I really remember about his was that he wore the same outfit every day, blue jeans and a white t-shirt.

My friend sent me this article:,3367,1430_A_714339,00.html

All I can say is, damn.

That is fucked up.



Tastes like chicken.

Good. God. DAMN.

I found another article:

And the inevitable neighbor comment:

“Consensual cannibalism”. You know, it just never occured to me that I would ever be exposed to that phrase.

I am never saying “Hey, eat me!” again. Ever.

In other news, my lunch and dinner have officially been called off. All lights in the house will be left on and sleep will not be happening this evening.


What’s got to be going on in your life, sexually or emotionally to lead you to want to be ritually cannibalized? You would have to be so depressed as to be suicidal of course…

I just…

I can’t…imagine.

I swear, why in the fuck won’t somebody reboot the damn world? This version is beyond repair.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all…

He was castrated and then ate his own body parts?
good god.

Please tell me this is an urban legend post gone awry.

Man, my Pop Tarts just aren’t sitting well right now.

I cannot believe I actually read that.

I’m gonna bookmark this thread. Then, when I start my weight loss plan, I shall read it every time I’m hungry.

What’s that, mother? You want me to kill and eat people, and serve them some of their own flesh before they die?

Oh, god, mother! MOTHER!

Thawed out … “concentual cannibalism” … castrated …

I dunno, it’s just so crazy I can’t really even be shocked. Self-consumption? “Hunks to slaughter” … I just … don’t know.

If it’s consensual, you could make an argument that it isn’t even a crime really…or shouldn’t be one.


Sweet merciful Christ on a tricycle! And I just HAD to read this thread while I was eating (ginger snaps. Not people).

I won’t make THAT mistake again anytime soon.