An old lady got pissed at me in a bar last night.

Wife and I were slammed at our respective offices yesterday, so we met up for a drink on the way home. Regionally branded, popular joint, moderately busy. She and I are seated at the bar, we’re both in our mid 40’s. Separated from us by one stool is a quasi-greasy couple, clearly in their 60’s. I’m on the right side of my wife, then an empty stool to my right, then the old woman and her husband/boyfriend on her right side.

We’re there maybe an hour, shared an order of nachos, and are each finishing our 2nd drink. I turn to my right to get the bartender’s attention to settle up, and go home. The old lady next to me is pivoted in her stool toward me, and staring at me. I can’t help but acknowledge her. “Hi, how y’all?”

She says to me, deadpan, “You got a problem.”

I’ve spent my share of time in restaurants & bars, and I’ve never heard someone say that to me. I was confused. I even looked past her to the husband/boyfriend for clarity. He looked right at me all grumpy.

I shook it all off as a misunderstanding, and still genuinely unsure of what I had just heard said to the woman, who still hasn’t taken her eyes off me, “Hey all, she (my wife) and I just stopped for a bite after work”. That’s called casual conversation, remember I just wanted to get the bartender’s attention.

“You should be quiet” the old lady says to me, while making the closed zipper motion with her fingers across her lips.

For real. My wife, on my left, is as oblivious to this exchange as I am dumbfounded. I can’t believe this happening. I literally said “I’m sorry, ma’am”, put my head down and turned back to my wife. Still confused, what’s happening. Did I say something? Is she just drunk? Crazy?

Thankfully, the wife was settling the tab while I was in an alternative universe, and we were able to leave right away. I told the the car what had happened while driving home. She still barely believes me, but I can hardly sleep thinking about that bizarraro world exchange with the old lady from hell. I have no f’cking idea what that was about.

Anyone else have any weirdo encounter stories to tell??

Your problem is that you think someone in their 60s is old. :frowning:

Maybe she’s hard of hearing. That leads to all sorts of nonsense.

Who you calling “old.” “You should be quiet” :smiley:

Yeah something weird…

We were coming back on a packed charter flight from Mexico. In the seat behind me was a lady perhaps in her 70’s who had beaded corn rows put in her hair. I think it looks better on kids, but whatever.

My wife and I sat down and at some point, I put our armrest up. It fell back down which was strange, so I put it up again. It then came slamming down, the corn hole lady was reaching over and pushing it back down. Somehow it was bothering her, even though it was in our row.

We asked the flight attendant to have us or her moved, but there was nothing there were able or willing to do. The older lady was probably drunk, and currently would probably have greater consequences for being an ass on a plane.

This (especially in a bar) or a side affect of medication with her drink or both. As you said, they were an “older” couple, just let it slide.

I’m confused, was ‘You got a problem.’ A declarative statement that *you’re *the one with the problem? Or was she inquiring IF ‘YOU got a problem?’ with her?

Both being equally weird, of course. But if someone declares to me that I have a problem, my first instinct would be to ask what problem that is.

Def weird though. Maybe she mistook you for someone she has a beef with?

My weirdo encounter story.

Gay bar, late on a Sunday night. I work Sundays until 1130 PM, and I often stop in for a nightcap after work.

It’s totally dead with just a few people left as most normal people work Monday mornings. This guy sits down right next to me, a bit creepy, but whatever, I figured he was lonely. He starts rambling and is completely incoherent. I nod politely and start looking at my phone, which is my usual polite way of telling someone I’m not interested. After a few minutes of this, the creepy guy grabs my phone out of my hands and sets it face down on the bar! Too bad for the weirdo. I’m a regular there and he got kicked out immediately.

I get being drunk and horny and I’m ‘fresh meat’ that just walked in, but not interested means not interested and by 1 AM it’s probably time to fire up Grindr and try your luck there anyway.

“You got a problem.”

Was this a question or a statement?

Either way, those are what’s known as “fighting words.” She was looking for some shit. You were right to just walk away.

I was sitting at the bar many years ago with a date. She was talking to the woman seated next to her about something. Meanwhile, a really wasted woman seated to my left leaned over and asked me, “you like oxys?”. She put her hand on my leg as she asked me and she waggled her eyebrows. It was equal parts sad and funny.

I played along and said, “sure”. She suggested we go to her apartment, just a half a block away. I pointed to my right, and said, “she wouldn’t let me”.

I got my date’s attention and suggested we leave. As we were walking out, the oxy-girl got my date’s attention and [del]said[/del] slurred, “you’re such a bitch, I hate you!”

My date was dumbfounded.:smiley:

The old lady and her husband.

Most shocking part of this is that Stuntman Mike has a wife. :eek:


You’re in a bar. Someone tries to start trouble. I find it strange that you find this strange. You say you have been in bars before, but clearly, you have never come up against people with drinking problems.

Who knows what her problem was.
Do you guys make it a habit to talk loudly so everyone around you can hear and join the conversation if they want? Maybe the atmosphere was quieter with people keeping their conversations to themselves and you changed the mood by raising the volume a bit?
Loud people are usually oblivious to others around them.
Not saying that’s what happened here, just a possibility.

Further explanation of why I used to prefer to drink at home - preferably alone! :smiley:

I always thought Bouncers were paid to do something. “You got a problem? Then Be Quiet” almost seems what a Bouncer is paid to handle.

Mandatory Road House quote:

Dalton: I want you to be nice… until it’s time… to not be nice
Bouncer: So, uh, how are we supposed to know when that is?
Dalton: You won’t. I’ll let you know. You are the bouncers, I am the cooler. All you have to do is watch my back and each others’… and take out the trash!

I was in a check out line at the grocery store, a woman behind pushed in close to me from behind. Now look, I don’t like anyone in my personal space, so I turned sideways and looked at her. Nothing. I moved forward as the peeps in front of me moved. WTH, the woman squeezed in too close again. I jerked all the way around, and gave her a dirty look. She went ballistic. Yelling and calling me names. I never said a word to her or anyone. Some store guy came and asked and escorted the woman out. I do not know what her problem was or why she kept getting too close. Some tell me she might’ve been trying to pick-pocket me. IDK.

Getting off the plane, you all know how it is. Plane stops and a bunch of people rush to the front even before the door is open. When they clear out the people left starting in the front row go into the aisle then leave. Then the second row. Then the third row. And so on until the last row. On one plane flight it is our turn to disembark so the wife steps into the aisle. As she does so a lady in the row behind us and across the aisle (like if I’m 22A she’s 23E) decides to get up and start shoving forward, then looking directly at Mrs. Cad she huffs and says, “You fuckin’ teachers feel so entitled.”

spoiler: Mrs. Cad is not a teacher.