An ongoing list of The Straight Dope's most epic assholes.

Steophan: For his worship of gun owners who kill people.
Smapti: This guy has lots of issues, but we’ll just say an over the top general cowardice.

Who else needs to go on this list?

elucidator. Shit, get it over with…

Oh, and Vinny Turnip, for stealing my jokes before I had time to think them up.

That’s what you get for inspiring me.

See The Jack Acid Society Black Book by Walt Kelly.

I think the “blacks are inherently inferior in intelligence” crowd probably deserves a mention.

Shakes: I normally like your posts, but I think this thread is a terrible idea.

What could possibly go wrong?

Exactly. Not that I haven’t thought, from time to time, of opening such a thread, but my better sense got hold of me first. Anyway, we’ll see. I hope I’m wrong!

Hitler. I know he doesn’t post here, but I think we can all agree he’s pretty bad.

You know what? You’re probably right. Not sure what I was thinking. I’ll ask a mod to shut it down but I don’t know that they will.

The problem is that by the time someone qualifies as an “epic” asshole, they’ve typically been banned or stormed off in a huff.

It’s like that line from a John MacDonald novel: “Being a legend in your own time usually means you have very little time left.”

Pretty much all of us, at one time or another. As Jack said, the consistent ones either get banned or leave on their own volition.

Brazil84 ought to be mentioned, not just for his persistent idiocy regarding various scientific issues, but moreover because the dude has a big enough ego to have a list of “rules” which he hosts on another site, as well as a public blocklist for those who violate it. It’d be hilarious if it wasn’t so depressing.

Not sure if **doorhinge **belongs here; he’s merely an obnoxious partisan troll. Same with D’Anconio.

Had an epic Tex-Mex meal for lunch.

Give me a few hours, and I’ll be a candidate.

Or a minute and a huff. ::waggle::

How can you be sure?

You know who else was sure?

You’re right. I shouldn’t talk shit about people that aren’t here to defend themselves.

Someone called me a liar and a coward the other day, so I guess I’m on The List.

That, and I kick dogs when no one’s looking.

You, for reading this.

Yes, you.

Stand still laddie!