Bonematter, you're an annoying fuckwit.

In less than 30 minutes, you started two God-bothering gotcha threads:

  1. Last Rites

  2. In the Begining

You aren’t very bright, and you have nothing interesting to say. Stop it and go away.

Yes shame on him for asking questions, wanting to know others opinions on subjects he may feel passionate about. Yes his ability to speak should be taken away for daring to even think of asking such questions. Or on second thought yours should be taken away, yes you should go away for trying to stifle another persons views because you disagree with them.

Oh look…Cuckoobird came out of his clock to chirp at me.

He seems like Skald the Junior to me. We have much worse threads daily. I say give him a chance.

Your view is better how?

There’s also this gem in the Hitchens Pit thread:

Now that’s logic.

You know why I hate atheists, cause they argue about something where one side is quiet. It’s like mocking a mute kid.

This is golden.

Do you mind if I use it from time to time? :smiley:

So we’re Pitting an “atheist” that has the temerity to state that there is only one pathway to God? I suggest y’all quit posting until you sober up from the Friday night revelries.

Those threads just make me sad [my favorite atheist] isn’t here anymore.

Even a stopped calendar is right once a year. As evidenced in this thread, Bonematter is a not an atheist or even an agnostic-it looks like you think that anyone that dares to ask questions of religion just has to be “the enemy”.

Czarcasm, something tells me you’ve got the wrong end of the stick here.

explain, please.

You seem to be under the misapprehension that Oakminster pitted Bonematter for being an atheist, when really it’s the other way around. If anyone needs to recover from Friday night’s revelries before posting, it might be you.

And so on. Wow. Going through life believing all this stuff must be like going through life lightly concussed.

Fuck-you may be right at that.

There’s such a thing as just telling someone we’ve hashed all this out many many times and aren’t interested in doing it again, isn’t there?

Then there’s the whole ignore, scenario.



If we got rid of everyone who wasn’t bright and didn’t have anything interesting to say, this place would be pretty damn empty. Guy’s not hurting anything.