An ongoing list of The Straight Dope's most epic assholes.

Me, for reading Randolph’s post.

Maybe we could get the mods to retitle this thread “SDMB DFotD” so that we can just pitch stuff in here as is shows up.

hurt am I, to not be on the list

I don’t know who the biggest assholes here are. I stay out of Great Debates.
(Not that I mean to call everyone who has ever posted there an asshole or anything.)

This thread is like, The Pit, if The Pit had a Pit!

At least he had the sense to go to Paris.

Yeah, pretty much.

But would you push your (or my) grandma down stairs just for fun?

Shit y’all, I didn’t realize the contest was over. Give me a few more weeks.

Well get your lazy ass on it you damn slacker

Oh, you mean Ventricle Turntable. He’s a career asshole, but I respect his ability to snark cleverly within (usually) the confines of board decorum.

Ok, how about reminiscing on some old-school-long-since-banned assholes. No reason we can’t still laugh at their expense.

I’d say no, but as a known liar and coward that’s probably not a trustworthy answer.

If you’re serious, that would be frowned upon by the mods. One is not to speak ill (or otherwise) of the “dead” here.

So far, I’m pleased to see this has turned into mostly a joke thread.

We won’t.


You just made the list!

I think we should just leave it at “You know who you are.”

I thought this was going to be a picture thread when i read the title. :smack:

Fuck soccer, and fuck those who enjoy it.

Anyone who realizes they should be listed in this thread ipso facto in no way actually belongs on the list in this thread.

I mean, we all have our moments, right?

The real assholes are those who never own up to their dickhead behavior, who rationalize it or are simply in denial.


This is mostly definitely a bad idea, since those that have been banned are unable to respond. The Mods never condone this, nor should they.

LOL, that makes starting this thread all worth it!