An open letter to the Green Bay Packers defense

You guys suck! You are a disgrace to the Green and Gold uniform.

Brett, Ahman and the offense gave you a 14-0 first quarter lead, and you blew it.

The offense gave you a 31-14 lead going into the fourth quarter, and you were more than half responsible for blowing it. The interception return TD was Brett’s fault, but the other ten points are on you.

The offense moved down the field and kicked a field goal with a little over three minutes left. Once again, you did your best imitation of a sieve and let KC get into position for a tying FG.

In overtime, you once again played soft and let KC move the ball at will. Fortunately, the field goal attempt was blocked.

Yes, Ahman’s fumble on the next play did not help. But you could have made a stand and gotten the offense the ball back. Instead, you all seemed to be in a big hurry to get out of the way as KC completed a pass and run after the catch for the winning score.

You do not deserve to be called Green Bay Packers. Somewhere in Football Heaven, the spirits of Lombardi and Lambeau are weeping. You made the old coaches cry, are you happy now? Furthermore, the spirit of Ray Nitschke is very pissed off! Do not be surprised if he shows up at practice this week to give all of you a good ass kicking!

You know, it is not against the rules to rush the quarterback! You might want to try it in your next game. It really does work! This is also not touch or flag football that you guys are playing. You need to tackle the guy with the ball, remember?

I will always be a Packer fan, but that does not mean I will not get pissed off when you go out there and make a mockery of all that Packer football is about. I expect to see more intensity on defense from now on! When the offense scores 34 points, there is NO DAMNED EXCUSE for a loss.


Don’t be so hard on them. They lost to the best team in the NFL.
And it was a close loss too.


hee hee hee

jarbabyj: At least we are still better than duh Bearz!

Bubbadog: Yes, KC is a good team. But so are the Packers, and the game was at Lambeau, and they had several leads. This was a game that the Pack needed to win and should have won, and if not for the WORST! DEFENSE! EVAH! (to borrow the catchphrase of the Comic Book Geek from the Simpsons) the Pack would have won.

If you guys just wanna lose a couple more to cement the NFC North for Minnesota, that’d be fine with me. Can you go right ahead and arrange that?

when did I say they weren’t better than the Bears? Bears suck this year. Poor Packer fan, so thin skinned. Have fun in ‘titletown’ this winter.

You are assuming that the Minnechoka Crykings will in fact continue to win their games, when their entire history has been one of starting fast only to fade late in the season and in the playoffs.

I am confident that the Crykings will start their annual choke job soon. And even if they do manage to win the North, they will go belly up in the playoffs, just like usual.

It’s not the Crykings, it’s the Viqueens.

That is all.

You say “playoff choke” like we’re not used to it. After all, I didn’t say anything about Super Bowl or playoff victory; just cementing the NFC North. 'preciate it.

Maybe you’ll get a wild card. Don’t feel bad, it’s still theoretically possible.

As to the Crykings comment - I’m a niner fan and now know what it must have felt like the last couple of years to be a Viking fan.

I sincerely apologize for all my jokes about you. Now, will someone please make sure we don’t sign T.O. after this year…

(Vik’s look real good this year. We’ll have to see what happens after the first loss though. Will Moss cry again, or has he begun to grow up?)

Packer fans, all they do is cut everyone else down. If they’re team ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy :rolleyes:


I feel for you, whatami. Actually, I feel for the 49ers’ defense, which only got me nine points last night - if Holt gets a TD and 100 yards tonight, I lose my first game in the fantasy league. Blankety-blank secondary could only get one pick?

Coincidentally, I picked them up to replace the Green Bay D, which was my choice in the preseason. Hey, I despise the Packers, but it doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate talent when I see it. (Or think I see it.)

ooooooooo them’s fightin words!

I hope the Vikes kick your frikkin ass when you come over here! I like few things more when the Vikes kick the shit out of the arrogant Pack’s ass.

I won’t get into the choking in the playoffs thing cuz ahem you are right ahem but I live for those Viking vs GB victories. Thankfully they happen quite often :slight_smile:

Eh. It’s a Kansas City team; Kansas City teams usually end up blowing it right after they start off well. Just give it some time. (Unless it’s the Kansas City Wizards; they win the chamiponship and no one cares.)

You’re thinking about one of them Marty Shout-n-Weiner teams.

This is a Dick (If I had good glasses I wouldn’t squint so cool) Vermiel team.


The choke job will start next week when they meet the Broncos.

And Bubba, good, good, enjoy it while you can. The most wonderful things about the Cheifs–truly their most endearing quality–is the way they always manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

You know what the sad part is. I’m usually pretty honest with myself when it comes to my expectations for the niners. I really thought this was gonna be a good year. I thought Erickson would be a good fit with both TO and Garcia. (Although I will throw out the injury card for what it’s worth)

I also thought Denver was in trouble. I declared to whoever would listen that it wasn’t just that the Cardinals had no one to catch the ball, Jake Plummer sucks!

So I put up a bottle of Knob Creek for my Niners over Denver regular season record (Tie goes to the team who scores more points).

I conceded Friday night. :frowning:

Oh for love of Dixon and Eddie your rant is to late.

Fuck, you should have been whining when they lost to Arizona by 7 point. (sept 21st)
You should have seen the writing on the walls when the next week they game the Bears Yeah the boys lead by Kordell Stewart 23 point.(spet 29th)
Only now you start bitching?
It is going to get worse before you get a break. With the Rams, Vikes, Eagles and Bucks lined up on the dance card.