Hey Diogenes, How 'Bout Them Packers?

Still think the Vikes have two easy wins against the Pack this year?

I’m a huge Vikings fan (season tickets since '85), and I hate the Packers with the fire of, well, a few suns anyway (I’m recovering). That said, let me be the first to say that nope, definitely not this year. This year, my Vikes couldn’t play their way out of a paper bag. It’s really ugly out there. Really.

Th zebras helped the Packers out today with that BS reversal on Favre’s fumble. That was too bad. I’d rather see the players decide a game than the officials. The Packers also haven’t played anybody any good yet. The Vikings’ defense and Adrian Peterson will still be good enough to stop the Packer’s cute little win streak, even though we have some major QB problems. I’m not giving Green Bay anything next week. I think their little 3-0 start is a mirage, not a trend and that they’ll still be lucky to finish above .500

(Before anyone asks, no I won’t put any money on the game next week. I’m not a moron and the zebras always go out of their way to screw the Purple when they play the Packers anyway)

If the Pack can get a decent running back (Ricky Williams may be available after week 8) they could challenge the Cowboys for the East (add the Bears if they find a qb).

Well, it does my heart good to see San Diego classified as a team that’s not “any good.”

I don’t know what happened but they suck this year. I guess Marty had more to do with their success the last couple of years than anybody thought.

Oh, I don’t think it’s so much the lack of Marty that hurts. It’s the addition of Norv Turner. I hope he goes to KC next. By the time he’s done with the AFC West, the Broncos will be the undisputed kings of the division…

Snort. How very much like you.


Wade Phillips too.

Green Bay is pretty fortunate to be sitting at 3-0; they could’ve easily lost the Philly and SD games. They are better than I would’ve predicted though. For San Diego, I don’t really know what to think. They should still be the favourites to win the division, but they sure don’t look normal over these last three games.

We don’t want him. We have enough problems as it is. The defense works but there’s still not much coming out of the Chiefs offense. Vikings owned them in the first half and only when the amazing Bowe show got going was any redemption shown. Herm-ball is like watching paint dry.

Huh? How are the Packers going to change divisions in the middle of the season? I’m pretty sure that the Cowboys are far more worried about the lowly Giants taking the East than the Packers.

I would be stunned if the Packers beat out the Cowboys in the East.That would be amazing.

If the Pack puts Ricky to work,they can change their name to the Green Bay Bowl Packers.

The Packers haven’t played anyone good yet?


The Packers are one of the few teams (maybe the only team) that has played 3 playoff teams from last year!!!

One of them on the road.

None of them are off to a great start, in part because they’ve had to play the Pack, but the Eagles and Chargers are probably both going to be playoff teams this year.

They’ve won 7 straight games going back to last year. They have a great, YOUNG, defense.

“Lucky to finish about .500” They already have 3 wins, and have at least 3 more wins against Vikes, Lions and Bears, and more likely 4. There’s 6-7 easy. They have Kansas City and Oakland. KC is the worst team in the league. The worst. Yes, that’s a terrible team you lost to. They won’t win 5 games this year.

They have Denver who is overrated, and not good. Easily could be 0-3 right now.

Rounding out GB’s sched is Carolina, Washington, and Saint Louis. Probably 2 wins out of that group.

GB wins at least 10 this year.

My mistake, I meant the NFC.

Nah. The Chiefs don’t need Norv Turner. Herm Edwards is doing just fine that franchise into the ground, thank you.

I was sad when Herm bailed on the Jets; he sucks.

(I’m a Pats fan, for the record.)

I came to the realization last week that the Cowboys and the Packers are the best teams in the NFC. Then I rushed to my computer and put $40 on the AFC to win the Super Bowl this year. The Pats, Colts and Steelers are all vastly better than any team in the NFC.

Can you imagine a Pack - Pats rematch in the Bowl this year? It would be about 47-3.

Oh, I think the Packers have a lot to fear from the Vikings. I mean, McNabb, Rivers, and Manning have nothing on the QB greats Jackson and Holcomb.

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth typing that.

Don’t be rediculous. It’d be 38-3.

We’ll get a good estimate in 3 weeks when the Cowboys and Pats meet up.

I’m sure the 49ers would love to take Norv Turner back as the offensive play-caller. I know I would.