an unforeseen benefit of reading Terry Pratchett

There are the obvious benefits like laughter and a wish that I could be Sam Vimes, but one I did not envision was understanding some Doper names. I just read a thread with a post by SusanStoHelit, last year I would jsut have thought that was a goofy name. Now I know it’s the name of the best elementary school teacher in the universe. :cool:

Thanks, Terry! And thanks, SDMB for getting me to read Terry Pratchett!

Those of us who were reading Pratchett before the SDMB have the added joy of seeing the cool names appear, like little reminders … :cool:

Now I’m in the know, and right there with you. Well, several rows back, actually, and there’s a beam that blocks part of my view. But I am in the stadium now…

For years i was put off of starting the Discworld because of the cover art (I love it nowadays). Luckily, that section of the library was getting sparsely populated in the books I hadn’t read category so I tried them eventually (bout 15 years ago) have every new release pre ordered since then. Long may he continue (as long as he maintains quality)

So it’s not just me. I really don’t like those cartoony covers, there are new paperback editions with nearly plain black covers, Night Watch, Monsterous Regiment and Going Postal all had much smarter cover art.

And Daddy*2 As well as Susan S.H. there’s

Bill Door
The Gaspode (that is a Pratchett reference innit?)
Ponder Stibbons

er… that’s all I’ve got off the top of my head.

Stop by guys.

Small Clanger, I knew there was others, it’s just that the urge to start a thread about it hit me when I saw SusanStoHelit this morning. I do remember seeing Lobsang and realizing its significance.

I think CMOTDibbler would be a good handle.

There might be a Dibbler.

There is definitely a Greebo

Shame there’s no Soup Dragon or Iron Chicken. I’m the only representative here of my world ::sniffs::

Your dogged pursuit has been rewarded!

Lobsang is a Pratchett reference? I haven’t read enough Pratchett. I thought it was a reference to “T. Lobsang Rampa”, noted fake lama and author of “The Third Eye”.

Yep, it refers to Lobsang Ludd, a character in Pratchett’s Thief of Time.

Just because I’ve noticed some Discworld references does not mean I’ll know all of them. How about a short explanation and maybe a title for the un- (or under-) inititated, if you’re going to start throwing these things about?

Greebo is Nanny Ogg’s vicious cat.

Ponder Stibbons is a geeky wizard who possibly understands Quantum.

Gaspode is the wonder dog that is, he can talk "Woof!

Angua is a W. . .Werewolf, in the City Watch

Bill Door is the name DEATH takes when he’s pulled off his usual job and takes up farm work (he’s good with a scythe)

These of course are the Discworld versions, I have no idea about the SDMB ones.

I always feel a little extra affection for those Dopers. :slight_smile:


Well, the SDMB Angua is an astronomer, who’s also a huge Pratchett fan. I haven’t been posting much recently as the thesis is getting on top of me. I have been known to look fiercely at people, and keep a change of clothes at the office.

Just spotted Captain Carrot You have read at least one Watch book haven’t you?

Carrot Ironfoundersson six-foot-six dwarf, and possibly the rightful King of Anhk-Morpork


How much do you charge for that?

Mr. Slant, zombie lawyer.

God lord I had no idea at all the Pratchetters…Pratchettites? Pratchetteers! I like that one the best. I’m close to being one of you, but Im only 6-8 books into the collection.

This is soooo unfair! I’m not kidding!


My Doper name isn’t Discworld related, but I do have a cat named Pratchett! :wink:

He used to be Dwalin, and as his new sig says, he went from being a dwarf in one fantasy world to being a…er, more unusual dwarf in another…