Anal bleaching: Have you? Would you?

Anal Bleaching. Yes, it’s true, it’s out there, people are doing it, and some are experiencing significant side effects and complications. Others swear it is the best thing since sliced bread, and are proud to show the results to friends and family.

So: to those who have had it done, was it worth it?

And to those who haven’t, do you want to?

Having seen enough peri-rectal problems in my professional career, I will state unequivocally that I haven’t and don’t want to. But I’m curious as to how the SDMB crowd views this phenomenon.

I’ll just say I appreciate the effort from my porn stars.

No, I haven’t done it, don’t know anyone else that has, and wouldn’t ever consider it even if it was proven totally free of side-effects and performed for $1.

What is the problem with the skin around your anus being darker than your regular skin? My genitals and lips are darker too. It’s called being HUMAN.

From the link.

And to quote a celebrity " Oh, hell no!!"

Talk about a solution in search of a problem!

Are there before and after pics in that site?

I’m sorry – what? Bleaching your anus makes your anus look younger? What color is the skin around most people’s assholes? Significantly different from the rest of the ass?

No pics. It’s a pretty “G” rated site. Well, “PG-13” anyway.

Nailed it. (A bleach solution? :slight_smile: ) I think if you think your butthole being too dark is a problem in your life worth spending money and effort on, you need bigger problems.

Anyone else notice the guide to “Anal Maitenance”?

WTF?!!? I’m seriously starting to think those “The End is Nigh” signs are right.

Would that my body were so fabulous that the only flaw I could fixate upon – an aged anus – is one I can’t even see without a mirror and uncomfortable contortions!

No shit, right? Let’s talk about these dark circles around my eyes before we start talking about dark circles around my asshole. I didn’t even realize asshole-adjacent skin darkening was something that happened, but it apparently is. Who gives a shit?! Is that a pun? If so, pun intended.

Not just no, but HELL no!

bleach + anus?? No. Freaking. Way.

In general I am quite fond of white people, but the topic of anal bleaching leads me to think that some of y’all is whack.

I had no idea all that coffee was staining my anus. Now that I know… I’m still going to drink coffee.

Would drinking enough coffee turn it into a black hole? :smiley:

Is this some white people thing? Man, honkeys is craaa-zay!

That’s a precondition of the bleaching process.

Thanks for this thread. Because without it, I may never have found the site linked to in the anal bleaching site: It’s great fun! How could you not love a site that has categories like “Embarrassing Ailments” and “Strange Products?”
But as to the OP: In the interest of science, I just took a look at my anus. Well, it’s not my best feature, and it is indeed darker than the surrounding pasty white skin. But it works just fine, and I’d like to keep it that way. No anal bleach for me.