Watch Aneglina Jolie taking it in the ass

Why would I want to? For one thing, anal sex seems terribly unhygenic. For another, I’m not particularly entralled by Angelina Jolie (though I do know how to spell ‘Angelina’). And I’m not getting any play anyway, so why should I watch other people having a good time.

And I’m not convinced the spammer’s e-mail address is legitimate. ISPs should have a programme in place that verifies senders’ addresses before sending the e-mail to the recipient.

Are you human?

What, no link?

I’m with ya on the unhygenic part. If you’ve ever used an herbal supplement to cleanse your colon of unsightly parasites and years of buildup, then the last thing you think about is plugging it back up all in the name of passion.

Nope, no thanks. Although I do think Angelina is hot. And I’m a girl.

Actually I bet this is simply an attempt by the OP to fish for Google Ads that might appeal to him. :stuck_out_tongue:

I predict this thread will live a long and healthy life. Ah. Warms the cockles of my heart, it does.

DO you have Need To Know? :dubious:

It’s an ALIEN!

Klaatu barada nikto, yo. makes Vulcan peace sign

You mean like these?

**Are You Clean Inside? **
death begins in the colon.

Poop It All Out
get it all out with oxy-powder,

8-Day Colon

Original Parasite Cleanse

Are you feeling OK, **Johnny L.A **?

GAH!!! More spam!!! :eek:

Now we’ve got ads for anti-spam software.

I’d really prefer Angelina to those.

Um, most kinds of sex are “terribly unhygenic.” If you’re doin’ it right, anyway. :slight_smile:

Girl, InHerRumpted?

Count me disappointed… :frowning:


Think that’ll work? Colon, colon, colon, cleansing clean clean colon.

And just for fun, ice cream Hitler bicycle.

Do you think the mods could be persuaded to create a forum where we do nothing but fish for Google ads for fun?
I have so much fun with them.
I predict a ruling soon about not hijacking threads with mention of Google ads.

As **Misnomer ** says, if sex isn’t messy, you aren’t doin’ it right.

Hell, I’m not doing it at all!

…because I’m betting the best you’ll get is a clip from the movie Original Sin which does indeed feature a scene wherein Ms. Jolie catches it in the poop chute. Not graphic or XXX level, to be sure, but she does sport the right expression on her face to lend verisimilitude to the scenario. Also features a very naked Antonio Banderas for those with the opposite set of glandular biases… :smiley:

Hell, I’m not doing it at all!