To sequential thread or not to sequential thread

A sci-fi/fantasy creature like the minotaur, but with a PIG’s head
I don’t get Liza Minnelli. Please explain.

Weight training question
Easy way to get files from one to computer to another?

Your weird choice for a beautiful book.
Marvel/DC fanfic

WB’s Supernatural …
Based on a True Story?

What is the relevance of your surname in modern times?
May I ask who is calling?

I love Elmo!
Guess the mystery event.

I got what I wanted. I guess.
Men in eyeliner.

Porn star or Pop star? An online game.
Who are you?

Why I was climbing the ladder at 3:00 AM.
I love Elmo!

I’m teething.
New computer! What to do with it?

Bush’s buddies clean up after Katrina

Do you like free stuff?

What song goes like this?
“Oh, waiter! What’s this tiger urine doing in my donkey?”

Long distance is hard.
Sex with sheep is fun.

If ya can’t be with the one you love, honey, love the one you’re with.

The origins of bitchery.

Men in eyeliner.

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**My Fantasy. Whats yours lately?

Root canal**

Dirty little masochist!

**I got what I wanted. I guess.

I think I’ve got … mouse hand? **

Mike Brown resigns as head of FEMA
Long distance is hard.

Man, you don’t hear nothing but excuses outta that guy!


YARR! It’s almost Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Pocket knife roundup

The bathwater can stay but…
Mike Brown resigns as head of FEMA

Let’s talk about plantar warts
Should I let it go or do something?

The first genetically altered Humans’ creation approved in UK
I think I’ve got … mouse hand?


Off the top of IMHO…

So you’ve just been given three wishes…
Straight guys and receptive anal sex
Hillary in '08
Would you resort to cannibalism to survive?

**What did you think of the movie “Closer”?
What does “meh” mean, please? **


This just in from MPSIMS!

Ever perform CPR?
A philosophical question

And fresh from Cafe Society:

Go to first new post Best weapon to use against Vampires?
Best weapon to use against zombies?**

I think the dopers are truly really prepared for the end days!

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**A second American revolution would only have to fight the National Guard?

Who funds your State’s National Guard?**

Uh, 'cuz I’m just curious. Yeah, that’s it, curious.


Just found this one :

A Death in the Family


Ever Perform CPR ?


Give me one reason why your ex is your ex.
Doing web searches on people of the opposite sex

Honey, honest! I was just googling her, that’s all!

What’s Your Favorite Diet Soda?
Coke Zero!

Well, then, that’s that!