The Sequential Threads Side

**Length of a woman’s ring finger indicates how good at sports she is

I did it! (marathon)


**Movies its ok for guys to cry at
Zorro the Gay Blade **

** Foot in Mouth

Sharks Got Legs!


**Holy Crap! My Neighbor’s Kid Dangling from the Powerline!

Curse of the Lawnmowers**

**I Am Leaving My Husband. Help!
I’ll never eat that again **

**Another “things that aren’t meant to, but sound dirty” thread

I did it! (marathon)


Yep, that qualifies.

** I did it! (marathon)

Well. I forgot both perfume AND deodorant today.

Don’t come over here until you’ve had a shower, then.

** Yet another sad and embarassing day for the U.S.

Online Poker in the US - RIP

**Romance novels aimed at male readers?

Movies its ok for guys to cry at
And then four posts later we have…
But what about woman of steel, man of Kleenex?


**What can real estate agents ask you?
Was George Washington the richest man in the colonies?
So, King Arthur is a real person?
**Sure they can, but why?

**I dropped my cell phone in a toilet last night (possibly TMI)

I’ll never eat that again

White Elephant? **

A Revelation: I’ve Figured Out How To Shave. :smack:
Curse of the Lawnmowers.

Love that one, Lord!

From today:

Creating a mystery
I’ll never eat that again

I think someone left off ‘meat’ from that first line.

Again, I’ve been guilty of procrastinating and not getting some of these posted in a timely manner. It’s so easy to think “I’ll post 'em right after having another look-through of IMHO or the Pit” and then forget about it until I’m ready to shut down my computer and get a window that asks what I want to do with the stuff I pasted into my notepad. “Oh yeah!” says I, “I’ll just wait until I go online again.” But then, do I promptly do that on my next visit to the Dope? Nooooo! I’ve got to check to see if there’s any more good sequential threads and then it’s lather, rinse and repeat. :rolleyes: Anyway, here’s a few highlights from the last several days.

**Creating a mystery
Small square box, large round cat. **

There’s got to be some good grant money to be had if someone can figure out how and why they do that.

**Every prison cell in Britain will be full by next week -
I’ve moved to London! **

Come on, only Superman could round up all the bad guys that fast. Oh, wait a minute, are you really…?" :eek:

**Apathetic or Half-Hearted? Let’s Form a Club
Damn! That was fast. **

OK, someone’s not pulling his apathetic, half-hearted weight around here!

(Unlike me.)

My kitten’s eyes (pics!)

I’ll never eat that again **

Kitten eyes, the new caviar!

**Another “things that aren’t meant to, but sound dirty” thread

Ask the guy who works with marine mammals**

“Works,” eh? :dubious:

**Just In: Amish school shooting
How perceptions can change **

The Celebrity Death Pool 2006:
Curse of the Lawnmowers.

The lawnmowers are killing our celebrities!

Way too mucn information in the Pit:

**“Homosexuality is caused by overcrowding.”
“Do I make you a little horny? Well strip down and get naked!”
Bill Clinton Has a Hissy fit! **

BBQ Pit gives the gift that keeps on giving:
"Homosexuality is caused by overcrowding."
Don’t talk to me while I piss…
"Do I make you a little horny? Well strip down and get naked!"

**Ask the Doper Who Lived in the Boonies **

**Just In: Amish school shooting **

Maybe it’s just me, but this caused a chuckle…

of course, this is also my first “sequential thread” thread post ever, so don’t judge too harshly…