Anal bleaching

Does anal bleaching prior to analingus reduce the risk of disease?

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Assume for a moment that anal bleaching did kill every nasty bug it touched. But bleaching only takes place on the outer area – the skin, not the area past the sphincter.

Also, as soon as the person takes a dump, all the inside bacteria is back outside.

Therefore, if one were to do anal bleaching as a sort of foreplay (immediately before,) and be very careful to keep the tongue from poking too far up in there, one might experience a reduction in the amount of bacteria reaching the mouth.

Of course, given the assortment of warm, moist places coming into contact with each other, not to mention constantly contaminated things like hands, even eliminating one source of bacteria entirely might not have any real benefit.

Not to mention that the bleaching agents can irritate the skin (and of course, the tongue) and make them more susceptible to infection.

Star light, star bright, last star I bleach tonight.

Two previous threads on the topic, including one poll.

Pouring household bleach on the anus in question would kill most of the bacteria. However, it might also kill the mood.

You should spit after you do that, just to be safe. Or, bleach your tongue.

:rolleyes: gah not another anal bleaching thread.

Qadgop the Mercotan: should I be inquiring into why you started two different anal bleaching threads (with more or less the same OP) within two years?
Did you forget about the previous thread, or you just really like the subject a lot?:confused:

What is with this recent fascination with pouring bleach on someones ass?

Id assume it eliminates the risk of disease simply because said victim has caved your skull in after the fact

Did you not read the 2nd thread? That was started after polling was activated, providing a means for the collection of better data.

I am a medical scientist. That means when better methods for gathering better data become available, I use them.

I must confess I didn’t get around to that. I admit my anal bLeaching cravenness here, and commend your assiduity in what I’m sure is diligent research that I will soon undertake to peruse
ok that was an unfortunate typo, leaving out that “L”. (or have I inadvertently just now invented the next “craze”?) :open_mouth:

AIUI anal bleaching is usually done for skin color and may not involve bleach per se. Any disinfectant will, you know, reduce your odds of infection, but whether meaningfully or not, I have no idea.

Many chemicals are used, but the word “bleach” is used to mean “lighten the color.” There is no use of chlorine bleach, like what you would use on laundry, and which is often used for disinfection. The OP is most likely confused about the multiple uses of the word.