Anchorman is Super Duper! **SPOILERS**

This is a very funny movie. I will see this again very soon. There’s some great casting, particularly Steve Carell. Great cameos, Ben Stiller and Jack Black most notably.
At times, it feels like an improv show at a comedy club, and a great one at that. The obsurd characters stay obsurd throughout without becoming tiring.

I saw the 12:01 showing last night and loved it. Good, stupid comedy, without relying on gross-out humor, which I can’t stand.

And I now know what San Diego means in German.

I thought it was awesome! Of course, I could see almost every plot point from ten miles away, but that was part of its charm. Absolutely loved the gang war between the five news teams and the jazz flute sequence, and the Pleasure Town sequence. And the whole cast rocked! Although I was slow on the uptake at one point: I mistook Tim Robbins for someone else. Wonder how he got attached to this? And was Paul Rudd’s character supposed to look like Ron Jeremy?

I didn’t like it. All the characters (except Victoria) seemed to have IQs of 48. I like my comedy at least remotely believable.

I thought the movie was brilliant! Part of the charm for me was that it existed in a world that wasn’t believable, but it made no precident that it was supposed to be, and the fact they were able to stick with it without it getting tiring was a great example of how well written and acted it was. It started off hilarious, and just got better as time went on.

The fact I work at a local news station made it even more enjoyable for me. Althouth I could recognize the outlandishness of everything, there were little bits here and there that rang true that I just found wonderful. We still show that friggin’ squirrel water skiing clip at least once a year.

The gang war bit was one of my favorite parts. And Brick was awesome!

[SPOILER]“Where’d you get a hand grenade?” “I don’t know.”

“There were horses, and a guy running on fire, and I killed a man with a trident!”

“I love lamp!”[/spoiler]

Ridiculous, but pulled off flawlessly. I love movies where everyone recognizes they’re not supposed to play it straight, and this is the pinacle of them all.

Definitely a hilarious movie.

My favorite bit:

The dog referring to the bear he met on his long journey.

Just so sublimely surreal.

Loved it. The outtakes: “I’m going to shoot you in the back of the head with a BB gun. While you’re not looking!” during the credits were just as funny or funnier than the movie itself. I think what makes the movie even funnier is that you can see the smirks of the actors as they try to keep straight faces.

My favorite line (from Brick, who needs a movie of his own):

"I ate a large red candle.

Oh please. You sound like the guy who didn’t like Airplane!. What did you expect, socially redeeming values? Check Elvis’s post.


You’re a hooker. I should take you out in public and hit you.

I saw it yesterday. I laughed so hard that my contact lens fell out, and I missed several jokes trying to get it back in in the dark.

Steve Carell. Is. Brilliant. :smiley:

The guy deserves to be a huge star, and he literally stole every scene he was in. I was laughing at the other guys too, but Carell was making me laugh in every scene.

“Hey Brick, this doesn’t look much like a shortcut.”
“No, Brick, where are we headed?”

I just saw it tonight.

They had me at “Afternoon Delight.”

[Will Ferrel as Trebek] Simply stunning. [/WFaT]

Great movie, but I think I actually liked Dodgeball more.

The gang war scene was absolutely hilarious, though.

We picked the 2 PM show as the first movie we saw after 4 months (baby was born in March), only cause Fahrenheit 9/11 started at 3 PM and we wanted a 2 PM movie.

I have to admit I was sorely disappointed. Perhaps it was because I wanted to see a great movie, not just a good movie. The first 45 minutes or so only had about 4 laugh-out-loud scenes (including the gang war, the Black Panther musk – “It smells like a diaper filled with bad Indian food!” “It smells like a cow turd covered with burning hair” and Steve Carrell’s “I ate a large red candle”). We walked out after the “Afternoon Delight” scene and went to Fahrenheit 9/11.

I suspect that I missed lots of funny stuff after the movie got rolling. Not knowing a bunch of the spoilers semi-confirms this. But IMHO an infant at a babysitter makes you more focused on not wasting time on mediocre entertainment. Before the kid, we would have sat there and enjoyed it (like we did in “Scary Movie” and many others). If it had been as funny as “Zoolander” or “Old School” we would have stayed. But it just missed the cut.