Ancient History, I know, but....

This message is to Adam mostly, but also to those of his religion whom I may have offended in the past. I can remember, on one of my grouchier days, telling him that his religion was nothing more than a silly cult like David Koresh’s and Jim Jones’s, and further insulted him with other words in other posts as well.

Please understand that I am a hothead and am quick to anger. This is not in keeping with LDS behavior, and even though it may be ancient history by now, I feel I owe Adam and those of the Pentecostal Christian relgion a big apology. I had no right to say what I did, and I’m sorry for it.

No harm done Bill. Now, if you can just convince Monty to stop trying to destroy me with his evil, twisted ways, then I think we’d be all set.


“Life is hard…but God is good”

Adam, that’s between you and Monty. You’ll have to work things out between yourselves.

Thanks for accepting my apology. :slight_smile:

Alright! Since Adam didn’t mention me, I guess I can keep trying to destroy him with my evil, twisted ways!

No, Adam; it is you who is destroying yourself. But then you don’t believe in the commandment against bearing false witness either. Most recent manifestation of that was the utter crapola about hearing hundred of Chaldeans speaking Chaldean.

Adam, that remark was hateful and uncalled-for.

Monty disagrees with you on religious topics, as do lots of other people; he’s just a little more vocal about it. Like many of the rest of us, he believes that you are not just here for the debates, but rather to attempt to convert others to the particular brand of Christianity which you espouse.

Let me repeat that first sentence: Monty disagrees with the things you say. How does this constitute an attempt to destroy you? What horrendous acts has he committed, that he is such an “evil and twisted” person?

Your own Bible commands against the bearing of false witness. Is that one of the parts you haven’t read?

Gee whiz, I haven’t been to the SD board in a couple of weeks, and I come back and you people are still beating the crap out of each other.

Adam-- I’m guessing you’re joking with that comment, but haven’t you figured out yet that it’s 100% impossible for you to say that kind of thing and get cut any slack? I mean, I hate to say it, but for a lot of people here (not me, but some), your credibility is nil. These guys are never going to agree with, accept, or even listen respectfully to anything you say, ever ever ever. To be honest, you’re better going somewhere else.

David and Monty–Don’t you guys have anything better to do than chase this kid all over the place, hammering him everytime he opens his mouth? I mean jeez, get a life. He’s 19 or 20 or something–what’s your excuse?

“It all started with marbles in school…”

Well, gee, furt. You sure showed me. (sarcasm emoticon here)

Tell you what, soon as Adam apologizes, for real this time, about his asinine and inane statement about “Mormonism is a false religion” I might take you up on that; although I do have a life.

Apparently, he’s not attacked you. Nice of you to sit on the sidelines through most of it just to show now. I think the sidelines suited you better.

Ok, Monty and I have a history. Well, not really, but I feel like the guy has it in for me. He has publicly said that he doesn’t trust me one bit, and he has even recorded our IM conversations on AOL, which I think is VERY unethical. Maybe he’s recorded every IM convo that he has, I don’t know, but it’s still not right. He regularly twists my words, and tries to trip me up. I’m just sick of it.

Monty, obviously, you’re reading this, so I’m not talking behind your back. Please, I just want peace between us. Can there be a peace? I said I’m sorry before to you directly. Remember? Back when I apologized? I’ll say it again, because I really want there to be peace. I’m sorry I said all those bad things about Mormonism in the past. I’ve not said anything bad since my other apology, so, you know that I’m sincere. I just feel like you’ve done me wrong Monty. All I want is to post in peace.

Furt: I know they don’t respect me one tiny bit. That’s why I’m not preaching anymore. (Even though the urge to do so in incredible) They’ll get no condemnation from me. Just a mouthful of my opinions, which, I’m sure they can swallow.

Auraseer: I said that Monty’s ways were evil, not Monty himself. But anyway, I was angry, and not serious. His ways aren’t “evil,” and Monty knows it. Right Monty?


“Life is hard…but God is good”

Got news for you Adam; I record all IM conversations automatically. What I don’t do is lie about them. You are a proven liar.

Oh, what the hey; here’s a follow-up. Not only I, but AOL, considers IM and email to be correspondence; therefore, I’m well within my rights and within ethical rules of behaviour to keep a record of all such.

Ok Monty, I figured you kept all IM on record(see my post). That really isn’t the heart of the matter anyway. I guess your responses mean that there can’t be peace between us.

I don’t care when David, Phil, Waste, Rich, Slythe, and the rest of the gang talk smack about me, because they aren’t Christian. They can say whatever they please, and it won’t bother me. But you argued with me that you are Christian, and that’s why it bothers me when you won’t accept my apology. You hold me responsible for “lying.” (I’d like to see proof that I’ve lied recently) That’s fine, and when I lie, I’ll admit it.

So, I think I should ask you to follow the Scriptures, and “Therefore let us stop passing judgement on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in your brother’s way.” Romans 14:13

I’m extending an olive branch. No judgement, no stumbling blocks, from you, or ME. Please.


“Life is hard…but God is good”

ARG said:

Believe me, Adam, we don’t swallow anything you say.

Funny, it sure looks like it bothers you a lot of the time, especially when we ask you to question your own beliefs or point out how insecure you seem in those beliefs…

You know, I was going to stay out of this, but…

Adam said:

Hmmm…does it bother you that jodih and I argue with you, then? Because we’re Christians who disagree with you on damn near everything. And Adam, what David and company have said has bothered you. Maybe not as much as what Monty’s said (which I agree with, btw), but it’s bothered you just the same.


Is that what I’ve been doing? “Talking smack”? It’s not smack, Adam, to point out the wrongheadedness of your so-called ‘arguments’, nor is it smack to tell you that what you claim to believe, some of us find ridiculous.

All we are doing is presenting the truth as we see it, and as it has been established by numerous others. You, on the other hand, are simply parroting what you have been told by those within the tight confines of your church.

Flick Lives!

Guys, I’m talking about recent stuff here. No Falcon, you don’t bother me, and I haven’t even seen Jodih for many weeks. Even Bill, who has argued strongly with me in the past, originated this thread with an apology to me, and others.

I think I’ll stop mentioning names, because I’d have to mention the entire SD community if I want to cover everyone who’s said a word to me. Let’s just say that I’m wating for Monty’s response to my latest post.


“Life is hard…but God is good”

Hey Waste, long time no see. You just reminded me of something. I DO take offense when anyone talks about “smack” about God, and Jesus. Or when they totally misinterpret Scripture, or give misinformation about Pentecostal beliefs. I just can’t tolerate it sometimes. It’s happened before, and it even happened with you Waste.

But when someone attacks ME, I usually let it roll off my back.


“Life is hard…but God is good”

Geez, I didn’t even know they were junkies. . .

You might want to consider doing that when someone attacks God, as well: I hear he’s not currently in the market for a defense attorney. . .


So, according to Adam’s world view, if I make fun of his deity, then I am to cease and desist. If, however, he makes claims that my actions are controlled by Satan, then I am to meekly accept such? Ditto for him calling me deluded? Well, piss off, son. You and your beliefs are what I would call superstitious on a good day, something less kind and more pointed on a bad.

I did, indeed, poke fun at your god, all in the process of poking fun at you. If your god is so insecure that he can’t take a shot or two from li’l ol’ me, who thinks that he’s a figment of your imagination, then you should maybe look into a stronger deity, one with more self-worth.

Flick Lives!

By the way, Adam, by your definition of the word, I believe that both Phil and I are Christian, though neither of us uses this moniker now. I don’t know about the rest of the bunch, and, most likely, neither do you.