And a Crappy New Year! (January Mini-Rants)

It’s still December 2021 for a few hours for me, but I know it’s 2022 for many Dopers so let’s get this started.

We thought 2020 sucked, with a pandemic popping in, and looked forward to 2021. But that year started with Trump trying to overthrow the government, and ended with the death of the last Golden Girl, so fuck it.

Here’s hoping 2022 will be better but I ain’t holding my breath. (And dammit, it sounds like they’re launching mortars outside here.)

So far, so bad.

Woke up this morning to an unusually warm day for the season (13 Celsius at 7am in midwinter). Opened the roof window above the bed to let a bit of cold in, and I must have let in a wasp, which stung me on the back. In January!

Plenty of room for improvement in 2022 so far.

Betty White managed to die in 2021, the final nail in that coffin.

My aunt made it seven hours into the New Year. We all have to go sometime, but the morning of Jan. 1 seems like a particularly cruel option.

Blatantly stolen from some rando on the internet:

“How do you know she’s dead? She could just be resting between guys…”

( Yes, that’s disrespectful as all Hell… but I bet if she was still with us, she’d laugh at it. RIP. )

But just imagine the New Years party the Golden Girls had.

… yeah …

well. this laundry won’t wash itself…


Some of Betty White’s tips for a long life:

Vodka and hot dogs. Probably in that order.

I try to avoid anything green. I think it’s working.

Take some wheatgrass, soy paste and carob. Toss them in the garbage and cook yourself a big-ass piece of pork.

As of an hour ago, Marjory Taylor Greene’s account ( @mtgreenee ) was permanently suspended from Twitter.

My favorite response so far?

“Looks like she was finally approved for that Silencer…”

Assist residents in the next subdivision over leave their dog outside and chained up day and night behind a high padlocked fence. The dog barks and cries constantly. Well, they went out of town for the holiday and left the dog chained outside with a bowl of food and water. There is a doghouse apparently but last night a snowstorm hit and temps dropped into the teens. The dog’s barking and crying, a regular thing, was even more heartbreaking. The neighbors were livid and bombarded the local police and animal control with calls, begging someone to come and get the dog or at least agree that a neighbor could so so. Initially the cops told them “we can’t do anything and neither can you” but because the neighbors would not let up, Animal Control came and got the dog.
Now when the owners come back they’ll find themselves the target of a criminal neglect investigation.
Pieces of shit. If you don’t want to take care of a dog don’t get one.

Thank Og for all you neighbors who kept after the authorities and got the doggie to a safe place. I hope the asses get their (ahem) asses handed to them.

My best friend tested positive yesterday. I have woken with mild symptoms today, I’ve had a sinus infection for 5 weeks and have only been sinus-symptom free for 2 days.

Getting tested where I live is a cluster fuck, so I’m going to isolate and hope for the best. If I get serious symptoms I will be able to get tested.

Just remember it’s pronounced twenty-twenty, too

Nope - I REFUSE to do 2020 over again! A new year simply can’t suck that much.

Totally agree with all of that, especially the first sentence. Although for many of us, it’s possible to substitute gold (aka “amber”) rum for vodka, but if there was anything I always don’t want to run out of, it’s vodka (specifically, Absolut). According to a life expectancy “at birth” chart I just looked up, I am currently dead. But here I am posting. I credit the vodka.

Somebody stole the catalytic converter from my car.

And so the year begins.

It’s January 3,and I’m still seeing commercials with Joe Namath, J. J. Walker, and Joe Montana all hawking Medicare Advantage plans. I thought they were all supposed to go away on December 7.

Yes, I was just wondering about that. Pisses me off.

Open enrollment ended December 7. But exceptions are allowed for persons who lose their employment health plans, or move outside of their current plan’s coverage areas. Also persons turning 65.