And a Crappy New Year! (January Mini-Rants)

His everyday name is GET DOWN YOU GODDAMN JERKFACE!!! The name on his vet records is Sir George of the Magnificent Tail. Nothing would change if we used Senator Butt, he doesn’t pay attention to any of them.

This whole thing is my husband’s fault, they deserve each other and I laugh every time I hear hubs telling our fuzzy jerkface to not chew on his nose. The idiot is lucky I didn’t get mad enough to buy a jaguar kitten.

In other news, everyone in my social circle except hubs now has 4 tickets each for the Fat Orange Baboon’s visit to Florentine AZ. They have been encouraging their friends to get tickets as well. I doubt we will be able to acquire enough tickets to stop any trumpies from attending but it makes us happy to know that we could possibly be causing issues for FOB. If enough people stand him up, he might possibly take notice.

“Disease Fest 2022”?

( I think “Yearning Man” was taken. Also, they couldn’t call it “The Orange Troll” due to copyright. )

It’s not too late for you to get tickets as well. Just the texts begging for money are worth the time to sign up. My friends and I read them to each other and laugh ourselves silly. FOB is VERY disappointed that I haven’t set up an automatic donation on my credit card yet. FOB thinks that my BFF is a BAD person because she doesn’t CARE enough to HELP fund FOB’s election campaign.

Why that’s just terrible… terrible! Don’t they know that she could catch her death of laughter…?

Can anybody explain why the news cycles are obsessed with this fucking moron Djokovic? Why is a tennis player a major news story? Why is any sports figure a major news story? WHO GIVES A FUCK?! SHUT UP, ALREADY!

I’ve been puzzling over that as well! :smile:

On the plus side, unlike specimens like Paris Hilton or any of the seemingly interchangeable Kardashians, he got well-known for skills beyond sex tapes and self-promotion.

But he’s an idiot who doesn’t want to get vaxxed, but still wants to travel internationally.

Schadenfreude is too attractive to people.

Just had to chase Shiva out of Eddy’s dish again. There’s enough room under the sensor loop for both of them to stick their heads in, especially since Shiva has lost so much weight.

I wouldn’t mind so much (calories are good for a hyperthyroid kitty), but the non-prescription food makes him throw up. That defeats the purpose of eating in the first place as well as making a noisome mess for me to clean up.

Bloody cat.

But NONE of them should be major news stories.

You’re not wrong.

The state’s governor was just on TV for the winter storm (which may or may not be named Izzy), and the first part of his speech was to repeatedly tell people not to use generators, gas grills, or charcoal grills inside. :expressionless: Are people really that dense?

Wait. Winter storms are being named now? Or is that only in TX.

My utilities have been sending emails about their storm preparations for Izzy, but the local news seems oblivious… The meteorologists just call it “the storm,” and for the one picture that showed up with “Izzy” written in the snow, it was assumed to be the name of a child in the picture.

Abso-fucking-lutely. I see one or two stories about it every winter.

December 29th we bought an open-box dryer and extended warranty from a store that rhymes with Crowes. when we got it home and plugged it in, it tumbled but did not heat up. We called Crowes. They told us to call the manufacturer. The manufacturer said their warranty ran out 12/2020, call Crowes.

We called the store, their people said the manufacturer warranty was good until 12/2022, call them back. Everyone is passing the buck, and I’m stuck dragging my clothes to the laundromat. My husband is currently on the phone with both companies, trying to get somebody – ANYBODY – to come fix the dratted thing. The dryer people still insist that their warranty is expired. If this keeps up, A couple of “customer service” agents will be expired.

It’s a Weather Channel thing. I believe they started doing 2 years ago or so. Fortunately, it looks like it is dying out.

Yes. Yes they are.

On the one hand, my library is almost completely reshelved.

On the other, I’m whipped and I don’t know if there’s enough room for the books still to go. No, they did not all come off those shelves. Well, most of them did a few years ago when I was getting the shelves refinished, but I’ve bought more since then and they were already pretty crowded.

I need more walls to put bookcases on. I like all the light I have as an end-unit townhouse, but it’s for shit when you need a wall to PUT things on.

I actually kinda wish the storm naming would catch on, but I suspect that unless whatever organization it is that names hurricanes gets in on the act, it will remain a Weather Channel oddity. We obviously have far more winter storms than hurricanes, but big storms that cause a lot of damage would be a lot easier to remember/refer to by name rather than, “that storm we had 4, 5 winters back that dropped 8 inches of ice, you remember that one? November, it was, or maybe February.”