And if I start a post...

Do I get a moderator title?

Never mind.

Must be random. I see administrator for me now. When do I receive my first cheque? :slight_smile:

If you make some more posts you might level up to Perfect Master.

What’s mine? I’m interested.

Still a Charter Member to me. I think you may need to start a thread rather than post to one.

Either that or my greatness has been recognised. Along with many others :slight_smile:

Sadly, I remain a mere guest. However, that also means I don’t have to do any work, and there should be good eats…

Hmmm…hoisted on my own petard? Apparently I will work, but only if you feed me.

Or, in the alternative, I has a funny title.

Oh oh oh…
Who do I get to be today?

Let’s see now.

ETA: huh. That’s not very interesting. Who do I have to blow to get an amusing title around here?

No Soup for You!

Sigh - 6 hours later, and still no soup for me.
That means I can’t even go home and cry in it.

That’s better! From :o to :cool:

Um… I would think the first smilie is more conducive to blow.