and MPSIMS would stand for...


My Post Should Infer my Mental State?

[it’s too late to be thinking of good acronyms…]

Sorry, not an acronym. It’s actually pronounced ‘Mip-sims’ and is a reference to an article Cecil wrote about an obscure South American tribe who, apparently because of their unique separation from the rest of humanity, developed an ability to miss the very obvious.

Thus, when they were first ‘discovered’ much of what we take for granted hadn’t yet occurred to them. I can’t recall examples now but perhaps other dopers can chip in.

Actually if I remember correctly, part of the reason for their distinct mind-set was their cultural tendency toward enjoying the leafs of the cocoa plant. Some scientists believe this may have affected the chemical balance of their brains which, over generations, caused a biogenetic distinction to take hold.

For example, the MYPSIMS hadn’t quite worked out the need for proper names and instead reverted to calling themselves by their current physical condition. So, one might be called ‘Happy’ yesterday, ‘Chilly’ today and perhaps ‘I’ve got a cold’ the week after.

Confusing to them but who are we to judge.

The forum is called MYPSIMS because posters keep changing names to confuse the moderators.

(How come nobody gives people actual answers on this forum? :confused: )

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My god, it’s true, Americans really don’t have any sense of irony… :wink: ← required for Americans

I laughed my ass off at London’s comments. They rank up there with sending someone to look for a bucket of prop wash. Not high comedy, true, but funny just the same. Oh, and I’m an American born and raised.